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Boycott the Caf's 100% INTENSE Degrassi Book Giveaway Contest
We're got a 100% INTENSE offer here. Boycott the Caf has a been given a few copies of Degrassi Generations: The Official 411, the super cool new book about Degrassi: the Next Generation from Simon and Schuster, and we are going to give three lucky readers a chance to win a copy in a series of contests.
Category #1 Category #2 Category #3
Degrassi Fanfic

Write us a totally awesome Degrassi fanfic. MORE INFO...

How Awesome is Spinner Essay or Art Contest

This is an essay contest. Write about how awesome Spinner Mason is. Hell, we'll even accept essays about how awesome Sean or Jay or even Craig is. Or draw something. MORE INFO... is Lame Contest

If there is one thing out there worse than Liberty, it's Post something funny to that forum and you could win BIG! MORE INFO...


Author Bio :

Kathryn Ellis is a former writer on Degrassi Jr. High and is currently a publicist for the series. She has also written young adult fiction, including novels based on the Degrassi property.  


The cult of Degrassi has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1980 as a pre-teen drama shown exclusively in Canada: the franchise's current incarnation, Degrassi: The Next Generation , is in its fourth season on The N (Nickelodeon's teen nighttime network) and airs six times a day on the channel. The controversial, buzz-worthy drama has become The N's signature show, yielding impressive ratings, widespread media exposure, and an extremely devoted following. Degrassi 's honest but bold view of adolescence is the key to the franchise's enduring popularity and the driving force behind its dedicated fan base.

Now, for the first time ever, a lavishly-illustrated book about Degrassi -- written by Degrassi insiders -- takes fans behind the scenes and into the lockers of one of television's most successful ongoing teen series. DEGRASSI: GENERATIONS is the ultimate fan book and a remarkable history of all the kids of Degrassi Street. Featuring an introduction by filmmaker Kevin Smith and published to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the very first Degrassi show, this is the book that every Degrassi fan must own.

Category #1 Degrassi Fanfic or Art

There are one of two things you can do for this contest. Write us a totally awesome Degrassi fanfic. Weave a story of awesomeness and adventure, love and woe, terror and sex. Whatever floats your boat, just make it interesting. And use proper grammar. Spell-check is your friend.

Send it to us as a .doc or .rtf file. Please limit your fanfic to no more than 500 words.

Category #2 How Awesome is Spinner Essay or Art Contest

This is an essay contest. Tell us why Spinner Mason is so unbelievably awesome. In fact, we won't limit this to Spinner. You can write an essay about how awesome any Degrassi character is. Sean, Jay, Paige, Chris, Rick, Manny...any character you have in mind. We like Spinner here at Boycott the Caf, but we're open to other opinions just this once.

We want an interesting essay. Tell us why a certain character is super sweet. Be sure to cite examples from Degrassi episodes. Don't forget to use proper grammar and correct spelling.

Send it to us as a .doc or .rtf file. Please limit your essay to no more than 500 words.

Or, if you do not know how to read, draw us a super sweet Degrassi picture. Get out some pencils, crayons, paint or whatever and makes use some Degrassi art. Then scan you drawing onto a computer or take a digital photo or whatever you have to do to get into into a computer. You also have to option of drawing a picture using computer programs such as with Flash, Photoshop, Paint and so on. The choice is yours, though the extra effort of making something by hand on paper may count in your favor.

Send your drawing as a .jpg or .gif file. Try to keep the dimensions to no larger than 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels high, but sending us a larger picture won't disqualify you.

Category #3 is Lame sucks. For this contest, we want you to go to, register an account, and then post something wacky which will annoy people there.

Make a screen capture of your post (press "print screen" on your keyboard) and save it as a .jpg or .gif file (for those with no computer skills, you can do this in Microsoft Paint simply by pasting the image to the program and saving it as a .jpg)

Please nothing racist or along that line. Try to keep your post either Degrassi related, or at least funny and absurd, but still offensive to the uptight nuns who frequent that forum.

Extra points will go if you can capture some reactions from members. It is worth remembering you may be banned from Degrassi-Boards pretty quickly and may even get a full IP ban (use proxies...wink...wink), so participate in this category at your own risk. Feel free to register more than one account too. We suggest waiting a few days after registering before you post, to catch the admins off guard.

This is the category has so far gotten the fewest entries, so the chances of winning this one are best.

Send us the screen capture your post or posts as a .jpg or .gif files.

Additional Rules:

The contests are open to Degrassi fans of all ages in all countries. Billy and Johnny, the dudes behind this site, will judge the entries and the entry in each category that is judged 100% INTENSE will be awarded one copy of Degrassi Generations the book.

Deadline to Enter: December 31, 2005

(Winners should be announced sometime soon after January 5th)

You may submit only one entry per category, but you are free to enter all three categories, giving you three opportunities to win. You can submit more than one post for Category #3, all posts you submit will be judged as a single entry. To be clear though, you can only win one book per person. Entering three categories won't mean you stand to win three books, it just gives you a better chance of winning one book.

Email your submission to Please send one email per category. So, if you are entering all three categories, send us three separate emails. Include which category you are entering in the title of your email. Include your full name and mailing address in the body of your message. Send your entry as an attachment NOT as part of the body of your email. Fanfics and essays should be in .doc or .rtf format. Art or forum posts screen caps should be .jpg or .gif format.

Here's how you should submit your entry, more or less:

Boycott the Caf

If you win, you will be contacted in January by email your confirm your shipping address. Once your address is confirmed, we will mail you the book. I have no idea how long it will take to reach you, probably a week if you are in the same continent as us. If you live outside of the United States or Canada, you might have to pay shipping, depending on the cost.

It's worth remembering, we are looking for something that will make us laugh. Most likely something fairly humorous will win. But we don't need a hundred entries that sound like a knockoff the emails we receive or the stuff we write. Don't worry about cracking jokes, just give us something cool. Originality and creativity are the keys to success.

Boycott the Caf also reserves the right to publish your entry on this site or any other medium we may branch out into. Such as our forthcoming talk show. We promise to respect your privacy and will not give your last name or address to anyone.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Good Luck. May the Beast Within be with you.