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Checking out the Book Contest Entries and Winners

We had some nice results for our recent Degrassi Book Giveaway Contest. Many submitted entries in one of three categories. We poured over each entry, submitting them to a rigorous testing that included a panel of twelve official Olympic figure skating judges, and running it through that crime lab from CSI. No one can get past the CSI lab. In the end, three people were awarded a copy of Degrassi Generations: The Official 411, the kickass Degrassi behind the scenes book. For some info on the book, check out our recent review.

We're going to share the winning entries, as well as a few runners up we thought had some good ones. Most of the entries were cool, a few were outright lame, but all were read by someone from this site. Usually by the monkey we stole from the circus.

100% Intense Winning Entry, Category 1:

This category required writing a fanfic, and even though almost every entry made us laugh, Joe from Arizona's stood out as the very best. Major points went for Marco eating Pangaykes and Fruity Pebbles:

Ellie and Jimmy are sacrificing goats in the gym when Hazel walks by, obviously disgusted by her ex-boyfriendsí new found gothness. She confides in Paige, who is now sporting spikey hair and a flannel shirt.

Hazel: Jimmy is such a bastard, I wish Rick would have just killed him.

Paige: Thatís not nice, Hazel. Now take that back or youíre going to get a spanking.

Hazel: No way, Iím not getting spanked. In fact, Iíve got a plan to take care of Jimmy AND Ellie, it should be good.

As Paige contemplates how crazy/black Hazel really is, JT is shown griping to Jay who is sporting a fresh soul patch.

Read the complete story here.

100% Intense Winning Entry, Category 2:

The best entries for this category were all art. Phyllis from New Jersey submitted two drawings. I think they are supposed to be Paige and Toby. The drawing are pretty good and Paige's eyes are strangely hypnotic, so I had no choice but to award the book to Phyllis.

100% Intense Winning Entry, Category 3:

Few people entered this category, which involved making a rude post on, our mortal enemy, and most of them were stupid. Come one people, we ask you to do one simple thing like harass a web forum, and you fucking fail us. Fucking failures.

But Aubree from Arizona not only submitted a somewhat funny post, but also one that raised a good point. Man, Arizona is really representing in this contest. There was also one reply.

Almost 100% Intense Runners Up:

Here are some entries that we liked, and would have won if not for some one better having entered. Here are the best of the losers.

Aiden from Florida wrote us a fanfic.

And then, of course, there was the Darcy incident. Spinner was forced to break up with her because he literally couldn't fit inside her. Anyway, I only have 500 words to narrate this classic story, so.....

One day, Spinner was walking to his fourth hour class with Ms. Kwan. On the way, he saw Jimmy and punched him straight to hell. He noticed walking by the hottest girl he had ever seen.

That story is awesome just for saying that Spinner punched Jimmy straight to hell. Ha. Read this gem over here.

Veronica from Texas sent us this picture. We give it high points because if you look really close, Spinner's face looks like Gary Busey.

Bridget from San Jose also wrote a pretty decent fanfic. Yeah yeah.

Heather Sinclair pointed to the anonymous guys at her house. "I love those guyses hair."

Liberty cringed. "Um actually the proper way of saying the possessive form of 'guy' is just 'guys', Heather."

"LibertyÖ no one likes you."

Read it here.

Finally, Alisa from somewhere put together this collage. Besides being disturbing, I have to give it respect because I can't tell if it took a lot of effort to put together or was whipped up in five minutes.

Well that's that. Thanks to everyone that entered. I hope Degrassi sends us more free stuff so we can do this again.

by Billie Green