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A Degrassi Chat Room Clip

I found this .txt file on my computer a few nights ago. I believe this was part of a chat room transcript on Soulseek where some people in a surprisingly large Degrassi chat room wanted to have a Degrassi role play, but I kept ruining it so they all left. Yes, I have nothing better to do.

This is the part I saved when only one other person was around. I wish I had saved the entire conversation, I'm sure it would have been comedy gold. Notice how it takes place around midnight.

(22:54) [MannySantos] who u wanna be?

[boycottthecaf] DEAN

(22:54) [MannySantos] ok

[boycottthecaf] HA! PAIGE I HAVE YOU AGAIN. *RAPE!*

(22:55) [MannySantos] ok i am going to be paige


(22:55) [MannySantos] get in the chat DegrassiRP

(23:00) [MannySantos] i have a plan

(23:06) [MannySantos] u there

(23:14) [MannySantos] hello

[boycottthecaf] hey, is there another roleplay?

(0:06) [MannySantos] nope

[boycottthecaf] did i do something wrong?

(0:06) [MannySantos] nope

[boycottthecaf] ok. so....when will there be another role play?

(0:07) [MannySantos] i dont know

[boycottthecaf] ok. so...why did everyone just leave. we were having fun.

(0:08) [MannySantos] i dont know

[boycottthecaf] oh. so why did a couple of people get mad at me?

(0:11) [MannySantos] like who?

[boycottthecaf] Ashley K.

(0:11) [MannySantos] oh i dont know

[boycottthecaf] if you ever want to do another roleplay. just contact me.

(0:13) [MannySantos] ok

[boycottthecaf] i am so lonely

(0:14) [MannySantos] me 2

[boycottthecaf] my kitty went to kitty heaven last week

(0:15) [MannySantos] aww thats sad. my firends kid diesd monday

[boycottthecaf] maybe they will play together in kitty heaven

(0:17) [MannySantos] lol

[boycottthecaf] i miss my kitty. my kitty was my only friends. kids don't like to play with me because of my spots.

(0:18) [MannySantos] spots?

[boycottthecaf] i have spots on my skin.

(0:19) [MannySantos] from

[boycottthecaf] it's a disease

(0:19) [MannySantos] aww thats so sad

[boycottthecaf] it's ok. i look like a giraffe. someday i will grow up to become a giraffe

(0:20) [MannySantos] dont be so negative

[boycottthecaf] i want to be a giraffe. i was not meant to be a human. because of my ugly spots on my skin

(0:22) [MannySantos] i have been suicidal for liek ever

[boycottthecaf] oh my. you should become a giraffe. giraffes are always happy because they can touch the sky with their long necks

by Billie Green