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Degrassi DVD Reviews

Season 1
The first season of Degrassi came out on DVD September 28, 2004. It boosts all 15 episodes from the first season. If you live in America, it is a treat, because you can see everything UNCENSORED. There are also deleted scenes, as well as the footage of the cast members trying out for their parts. Sadly, there are no commentary tracks, which is a real bummer, because DVD commentary kicks ass.

Still this is a great buy for any Degrassi fan who has forty dollars. Since most Degrassi fans can't drive yet, I doubt a whole lot of them can actually afford this box set, so in that case, the best thing to do is tell your parents you won't love them unless they buy you the first season of Degrassi on DVD from this site, so I can get some Amazon referral money.

Season 2
The second season of Degrassi arrived on DVD June 21, 2005. The big change from the first season set is that this one has a green cover as opposed to a blue cover. Other than that it is pretty much the same as the season 1 set. All the episodes are in their uncensored format, which means we Americans get to see Spinner's chubby in "Weird Science" which the-N thinks is too INTENSE for their channel. Season 2 wasn't that great but this set did come with a Degrassi bumper sticker. That was neat.

As far as extras go, there isn't any commentary tracks (boo!) but there is a wedding album, with photos from the wedding episode. I don't know why the producers assumed we would be interested in that. The coolest extra is a karaoke of "Poor Thing" which kick ass. I love singing along with that.

Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi
This little gem came out on DVD November 8, 2005. It boasts the final three episodes from season four in which Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes guest starred. This was a big deal for the Degrassi people since now they had a big* American movie star bringing attention to their show. Hey Degrassi, maybe the guy who made Jersey Girl and his drug addicted friend aren't the best horses to hitch your wagon to.

While I disliked the episodes, the big treat is the commentary tracks. Kevin, Jay, the woman who plays Caitlin, and two guys who seem to hate working on the show discuss each episode and they are quite obscene and funny. They also call out Spinner for having stupid hair. It's nice to find that whether it is this site or Kevin Smith, anyone over 16 who watches Degrassi can't help but make fun of it.

This DVD comes in two versions, a clean Mormon friendly one without vulgarity, and an unrated one with the commentary. Get the one where they use swear words.

*big as in fat

Season 3

The third season of Degrassi came out on DVD March 28, 2006. I have yet to buy this DVD set. Yeah, I'd like to but DVDs cost money. And to get money you need to have a job and I don't plan on getting one of those anytime soon. Working is for suckers.

However, I do know this set contains commentary tracks for a few episodes. That's a plus. I have been told that in the commentary, they use the term "Candy Bandit" to refer to Jay's gang of merry thieves. This is awesome if true because we here at Boycott the Caf coined that term. So if the Degrassi people are using that term, they owe us. Those guys are ripping us off big time. I don't care that this site ripping off Degrassi by posting all these images they own. Ripping off is only bad if someone with money does it.

And how about Chris being on the cover? He was totally dropped as a character after only one season, but they still put him on the cover.

not yet rated

Season 4

Released on October 24, 2006, the fourth season DVD of Degrassi was also not purchased by me so I can't comment on it. I will say that season 4 established the precedent where the staff will only put any effort into half the season and phone the other half. I recommend this DVD if you like teenage girls giving blow jobs and want a DVD of that without risking jail time.


not yet rated

Season 5

The fifth season of Degrassi came out on DVD on July 3, 2007. I don't know if I want to buy this season because most of season 5 is a haze to me, kind of like my last marriage.

not yet rated

by Billie Green