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Hazel's Not So Wild Night at a Chicken and Waffle House


December 19. received an emailfrom a tipster claiming that teen actress Andrea Lewis, from Nickelodeon's Degrassi: The Next Generation, and the west coast rapper Dukes are dating. The pair reportedly caused a comotion outside of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles.

Here's the full text of the email along with some photos of the night.


They we're clearly a little tipsy and out of it. You could clearly see the love was in the air. [Dukes] who was holding her bag was clearly in a rush to leave but decided to stick around when [Lewis] insisted they take pictures outside of the restaurant.

Lewis & Dukes must have taken around 20 pictures before two of their guests they had came with joined in on the fun. The two unidentified guests who were also well toasted were screaming out rude gestures to people as they walked by. One of their guests yelled "WHATCHU LOOKIN AT YOU BI*** A** N!***" when one of the people walking by approached [Lewis] for an autograph.

Dukes & Lewis didn't seem shocked by their guest's actions, they just laughed it off and continued doing what they were doing. Finally a local security guard for the restaurant asked them to leave when they jumped into the venue's garden taking more pictures by the venue's restaurant sign. Their two guests that we're with them were clearly out of it, especially when one bit the other's breast and yelled "the best part of the chicken is the breast".


Andrea Lewis and DukesSome crazy foos

This is taken directly from Media Take Out, which is apparently the black people's Drudge Report if Drudge spent less time reporting on politics and more time on Janet Jackson. If this story is true, I'd have to say that this is the least important celebrity news item ever. One, I don't think the girl who plays Hazel or that rapper guy qualify as famous in the first place. I don't pay attention to hip hop at all so maybe this Dukes guy is pretty well known, but he is hanging out with someone from Degrassi so I doubt it. These two aren't famous. They couldn't even get onto The Surreal Life and fucking Uncle Joey from Full House and that female wrestler who grew a dick thanks to steroids made it onto that show. Andrea Lewis and Dukes don't even cut it as D-list celebrities, they are at best H-list celebrities. As such, they are entitled to a certain level of privacy and shouldn't have their outings to dirty fast food restaurant reported on websites like Media Take Out, a website made by people who don't appear to have seen another website since 1998. Come on Media Take Out, both Frontpage and Geocites can hook you up with webpage templates of something other than ugly ass columns of text stacked on top of each other surrounding poorly formatted images.

Two, this wouldn't qualify as news even if this happened to Tom Cruise and Britney Spears, and instead of yelling at fans, Tom Cruise started jumping around and yelling about Xenu and how he wasn't gay check out his wife he is married he can't be gay don't say he is or he will sue. And then Britney Spears showed her downstairs lady parts while Mel Gibson drove up drunk and started raving about Jews. There is no way going to a fast food place can be newsworthy ever, even if they do serve waffles with chicken there. I don't even like bringing this event up on my website, but I have to fill space up somehow.

I am also skeptical that this event even happened in the first place. I find it hard to believe that anyone would ask Andrea Lewis for an autograph, unless it was a white 19 year old hipster doing so as a joke or someone who mistook Andrea Lewis for Lisa Bonet. If it is true I feel sorry that she was hanging out in a part of LA that is so bad that the fast food places have security guards. Is that common anywhere? I've ate in pitholes like Milwaukee and Detroit and never saw a security guard. Fast food places are too cheap to hire security. If there is a guard, it's merely the kid who makes the fries filling it at times when they have enough fries already.

I also object to the fact that this is being called a "wild night out." Being loud and getting kicked out of a fast food place does not constitute a wild night unless you are Morman. Actually, that would be practically criminal for a Morman. A wild night for a Morman is more like playing Monopoly with your family and it gets to the point where the bank runs out of Monopoly money so you have to make more out of strips of paper and a pencil.

For the rest of us, something like this is no big deal. I've been kicked out of fast food places more than once and it was never reported on the internet. If Andrea comes across that webpage she'd probably say, "What the fuck? How the hell is this merit putting online? I don't even remember that night." If Dukes sees the page he'll be proud thinking of it as the first step toward his hardcore rep.

I like that fact that this story is labeled as "developing" like there is more information that can come from this. I also like the fact that a black couple were hanging out in a chicken and waffle place. That would be so racist if I made that up myself. But that is straight from Media Take Out, easily the hardest hitting celebrity gossip site on the web. Other celebrity gossip sites may think certain stories are too trivial and boring or concern people who aren't Paris Hilton, Linday Lohen or Britney Spears, but not Media Take Out. Their motto is "What the hell won't we print?"

Yes, that is Kobe Bryant with a red star for a penis

by Billie Green