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Hey Degrassi Producers and Government of Canada: Let Us Do Commentary Tracks for the DVD Sets

This is directed at the people in charge of Degrassi: The Next Generation--the executive producers and Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. I want to begin by saying that I own all the currently released DVD sets of the Next Generation and hope to collect them all.  In fact, Degrassi: TNG is the only TV series besides Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I make sure to collect every season. I really enjoy the sets that have been released so far. My only complaint is that there is no commentary tracks for the first two season sets. Recently released season 3 has some commentary for two episodes, but that is not nearly enough. A good TV series DVD set should have at least one commentary tracks for every episode.

US Canada

We're a lot alike, the United States and Canada.

That brings me to my main point. Degrassi needs full commentary tracks for its DVD sets, and Billie Green and Johnny Dangerous are just the two people who should be doing those commentaries. This is basically an appeal to have us talk on commentary tracks for the season 4, 5 and 6 DVDs. We are very big fans of the show, as you should be able to tell, and even though we make fun of it, we appreciate the output you have outputted. Degrassi fills the void for the two of us that . While we can be annoyed by Degrassi's quirks and occasionally strongly dislike some of the stupid shit she does, in the end, just thinking about her still makes us cream our jeans. That's the definition of love. We love Degrassi.

Why should we do commentary? Well first off, we are pretty funny, if I do say so myself. Secondly, Johnny and I have spent countless hours watching Degrassi and talking over it, so we'd have a lot to say about the show. If you guys think too much of are stuff is inappropriate than we would be willing to tone it down. We're willing to sell out for money, no question about it. If you think we're not good enough to do commentaries, well come on, I own that Kevin Smith DVD that has him and Caitlin and some guy who appears to hate working for the show and they just make obscene comments the whole time. You people thought that was cool. We can do way better than Kevin Smith, that's for damn sure.

Commentaries are a good investment. The Simpsons DVDs spend a lot of time putting commentary tracks on to their box sets, and Simpsons DVDs are huge. Do you think people would buy them up like that if they didn't have commentary? No they wouldn't, that show is on TV like six times a day. Everyone in the Western world has seen every episode a hundred times by now. And considering the way the-N pimps Degrassi, your show is in danger of overexposure.

I hope you will take us up on our offer to provide you with DVD commentary. If you don't well fine, we don't want to do stupid commentary for your lame DVDs about assholes.

But if you do you can reach us by email. We'd also like to have Shane Kippel with us in the room and we promise to keep our hands away from his private no-no places but we can't promise this.

by Billie Green