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It Looks Like You've Made It: Degrassi Success Stories

5. Adam Ruggerio (Marco)

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Career: TV Host
Can Be Found On: American Idol Canada for Kids (Nickelodeon Canada)

Adam only made the list because I needed someone for the number five slot. I clicked on a bunch of biographies of Degrassi actors on Wikipedia and had a hell of time finding someone who is still working on TV. Sure, some of these kids are in college, and I guess doing dinner theatre in Windsor counts as being a working actor, but most of these kids seem to have pretty light resumes. I remember Adam got some attention on entertainment blogs when he came out, but most of those blogs referred to him as an actor from Degrassi: High, the show on Nickelodeon. Get your facts straight, new media.

There is a Canadian version of American Idol called American Idol Canada. No, Adam is not the host of that. He is the host of the version for 10 to 15-year-olds, American Idol Canada for Kids. Canada is an impressive country on the LGBT front. Not only is same-sex marriage legal up there, but they have an openly gay men hosting a show involving kids. That would never fly down here. I mean, the host of America's top talent show for adults has to stay deep in the closet.

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