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The Girl Who Plays Emma Said "Fuck" On (Canadian) TV

From the Boycott the Caf News Wire:

Hat trick for 'Corner Gas'

Miriam McDonald of Degrassi: The Next Generation learned first-hand about the dangers of live television. Presenting an award with Kathleen Robertson and Andrea Roth, McDonald's script required her to drop an F-bomb which was supposed to be bleeped.

As happens sometimes with live television, the bleep didn't happen and McDonald's F-bomb made it to air, much to her embarrassment.

"Oh man, I can't believe everyone heard it," said McDonald. "I saw it scripted as WTF and that it was going to get cut out. But it didn't and I feel just awful."

The following story comes courtesy of, which must be Canada's Google. The article mostly talks about another Canadian show, Corner Gas, which won the award for best Canadian show at the Gemini Awards. The Geminis are Canada's version of the Emmys. Actually, they aren't even that prestigious. The Geminis are more like Canada's version of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. And that's being generous to the Geminis. I've never heard of Corner Gas before, but it is a big hit in Canada. Look at this:

Filmed on location in Rouleau and at the Canada/Saskatchewan Production Studio in Regina, Corner Gas has become one of Saskatchewan's top exports.

The show finished its 19-episode Season Four with an average audience of 1.52 million viewers and has delivered an audience of at least one million for each of its 69 episodes.

Wow, one million viewers. That's amazing Corner Gas. You managed to just beat out reruns of Family Guy on Cartoon Network.

Enough of that. Let's get back to Miriam. She was a presenter with two people I have never heard of (and no American ever will) when she swore on live TV. It was supposed to be bleeped out, but it's not like there is anyone in charge of this award show, so the obscenity made it onto the air. Miriam didn't come up with the idea to say that herself, it was part of the scripted banter every awards show presenter has to say. Here is a transcript from the Canadian National Archives:

Kathleen Robertson: It's so great to be presenting this award. I know I enjoy awards.

Andrea Roth: Me too. They left me up when I'm feeling blue. What do you think, Miriam?

Miriam McDonald: Hairy fuck nuggets.

Miriam might have gotten in trouble, but no one watches this award show, so no harm, no foul. Still, it ranks at the worst gaff on the part of the Geminis since the 1993 broadcast when a drunken Bryan Adams came on stage to accept his award for Best TV Movie (for Bryan Adams Battles the Moonmen) completely naked and sporting an erection as he dry humped the presenter, Prime Minister Kim Campbell.

by Billie Green