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Degrassi Musings

Spinner says that Kendra is his adopted sister but we never see his parents, maybe he is the adopted one.

Does J.T. have a small penis or is Manny just used to Craig's giant member?

In the "Mating Game" it is shown that Toby is smart enough to make his own search engine. But then in the episode about the parent teacher conference, he has some trouble in Media Immersion. How does that make any sense? Is this a plot inconsistently or something much deeper?

Marco says he is gay, but have we ever actually seen him have sex with a man?

Have the makers of Degrassi: the Next Generation ever stopped to think that maybe I don't give a shit what happened in the 80s version of the show? Maybe they should stop having stories about those people?

If after the first season I had to guess which character would be gay, I would have said Toby: he always hangs around J.T,. says girls aren't worth it, and wears Ashley's bra.

He is also attracted to Emma who is the ugliest damn girl I have ever seen.

Every season, the cast gets larger and larger. I think the producers introduced Rick in order to get the overpopulation of the cast under control. He successfully got rid of Terri, Jimmy, and Sean. Unfortunately now that he is dead, I predict that the cast will grow so large that each character will only get a few minutes of screen time each season.

Spinner's haircuts seem to get dumber as time goes on.

Instead of naming the episodes after songs from the 80s maybe the episodes should be named from songs the target audience may have actually listened to.

Rick may have shot Jimmy but can we really blame him? It's not like he had much of a choice

Here is a transcript of the best conversation that has ever happened:

Spinner- Because we are going to party!
Craig- No Party Spin.
Spinner- Girls?
Craig- No girls.
Spinner- Booze?
Craig- No Booze.
Spinner- Donuts?
Craig- That we can do!
If Degrassi accurately displays the race ratio of Canadian citizens. then I must conclude that Canada does not have any Mexicans.

There is no reason for Liberty to exist.

I like how Craig was going to break up with Ashley until she gave him a really nice guitar. He really came out of that relationship ahead.

Everybody made fun of J.T. for his lame commercial, I don't see why. It may have sucked but he still got paid for making it and is going to be seen nation wide. That makes him the second most famous person at the school right behind Terri and her nation wide plus size modeling campaign .

Sean should become a boxer, he could punch a person and make them deaf and then that person wouldn't hear the bell ending the round and would keep fighting and get disqualified.

Ellie try way too hard to be goth. She even wears black to the beach.

I have a friend who is always going on about how cute Ashley was during the first season before she went goth. At first I thought this was because he disliked her goth and post-goth look, but now I think he's just a pedophile.

Paige is such a whore.
by Johny Dangerous