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Recently, Boycott the Caf set up a little page on, the land of personalized webpages that make your browser crash.

Now some of you may be asking, "B to da' C, you guys are against all things gay and stupid, so why would you want to mess around with Myspace, the most gay and stupid thing on all of the internet?" That is a good question. It deserves an answer that will make sure you never ever question us again.

I thought a Myspace page would be a neat way to see and interect with some of  the people who read this site, as well as promote it to people who have never heard of us before. And since Degrassi and Myspace are both popular with the teenage girl demographic, I figured there would be ample Degrassi fans on Myspace.  Also it would be a good way to pick up underage chicks. As the old folk saying goes, Myspace may be full of sexual predators, but it is also full of sexual prey.

Myspace also has some Degrassi forums that I posted on before I was quickly banned. Turns out the Degrassi groups on Myspace can't stand how awesome Boycott the Caf is. I spent a few days amongst the largest Degrassi group, 38,000 member strong Degrassi: The Next Generation Fan Club and below I have screenshots of some of the posts I made before being banned. It should be obvious who I am.

Unfortunately, the thread where I made a bunch of fat jokes about the girl who plays Terri seems to have been deleted. Oh poo.


Hey 99 kb
Paige the Man 85 kb
Question 21 kb
South of Nowhere 16 kb
Does Anyone Know 12 kb
Jamie Johnston's Gay? 22 kb
Degrassi in Seventeen 22 kb
What a Wonderful Dream 25 kb

by Billie Green