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The Next Generation

JT & Toby

Seasons: 1-6
Nicknames: JToby, Those Two Boys Who Are Gay For Each Other, The World Class Wrecking Crew
Pitcher: JT. Catcher: Toby
Honorary members: Webster (season 4) Sean (seasons 1-3)*
Their Full House Character: Stephanie

Oh, JT and Toby, how I miss you. These two were the original and still the best nerd team Degrassi has ever had. They set the standard for all other nerds who came after: the obsession with computer stuff, the lack of any other friends or luck with girls, the schemes that go awry, and the pseudo-homosexual nature of their friendship.

JT and Toby officially solidified their status as nerds in the season 1 episode "Eye of the Beholder" when, instead of going to the school dance, they stayed home to look at internet porn. JT and Toby were great like that. We've said this many times before: out of all the characters of Degrassi, JT and Toby were the most relatable to teens. They were the only characters relatable to teens, actually. More teenage boys have looked at porn and dealt with girls not liking them more than have dealt with being in an arranged marriage or being part of a Kevin Smith movie or scoring a record contract at 16. JT and Toby's lives are as boring as a real kid's. And one has to be an incredible nerd to feel more comfortable sitting at a computer looking at porn then interacting with real live girls your own age. JT and Toby are true nerds.

JT was less of a nerd than Toby, though. He could manage to get other friends. Toby's one attempt to gain a black friend with his l33t computer skills resulted in detention for both. Please note that Toby was the only boy to not get a girlfriend during that detention. Even Mr. Raditch had his way with his soft, tender Swiss exercise ball.

However, JT had charm and spunk and that made him sort of liked by the kids a grade above him. Whenever he could get away from Toby, he could be pretty cool. We saw this in "Jagged Little Pill" where he became the life of the party when Toby was outside being used by Emma to make Sean jealous. Sean had to feel completely worthless when he thought he lost a girl to Toby. He probably drowned his sorrows by drinking a barrel of Russian vodka and and getting into a fight with the entire province of Manitoba.

Toby got jealous of JT being the furry little mascot for the Spinner, Paige, Jimmy and Hazel crew, so he told them about JT's wet dream. Things were rocky between the two for awhile. Still, their friendship and love survived.

Toby actually was the first of them to get a girlfriend in high school, believe it or not. Her name was Kendra and she was in the 4th grade. She broke up with him sometime after she grew boobs and could do better. JT's first girlfriend was Manny. She was in a dark place after her abortion, and JT was riding high from his french fry commercial. Manny wanted to become an actress and I guess she thought JT could help her get her big break. Sadly, she could not overcome his tiny penis and ended it. At least JT and Toby still had each other.

JT and Toby's heterosexual life partnership was put to the test in season 4, when a fresh young nerd named Webster came on the scene. He warmed up to JT and tried to get him to stop talking to Toby. I think Webster thought of JT and Toby's relationship as being like a Sith Lord and Apprentice, and if Webster wanted in, he had to challenge Toby, who obviously would have been the Apprentice. These kid are nerds so they think of most things in Star Wars terms. Remember when the Websters got into a fight over a girl named Leia? She was a princess to him.

JT and Toby's love remained strong until the day JT was stabbed to death. Toby took it harder than anyone. He lost his brother and the man he expected to one day open an antique store with. The whole school mourned with Toby and even elected him prom queen out of sympathy for the loss of his boyfriend.

* Sean refused to accept membership or even admit that he was friends with JT and Toby. He threatened to deafen us unless we issued this disclaimer.

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