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The Hottest Girls of Degrassi

10. Andrea Lewis (Hazel)

Not that I stared or anything.

9. Melissa McIntyre (Ashley)

8. Shane Grimes (Darcy)

You know she thinks she's the hottest thing to ever grace Degrassi. Left Degrassi for that lame vampire show on CW. Whatev.

7. Paula Bicartti (Jane)

6. Nina Dobrev (Mia)

Now on a 90210 remake.

5. Samantha Munro (Anya)

4. Deanna Casaluce (Alex)

3. Stacey Farber (Ellie)

I decided against a carpet/drapes joke. they do.

2. Aislinn Paul (Clare)

Ignore the silly name, and the way she looked for her entire time at Degrassi up until now.

1. Samantha Earle (KC)

by Billie Green