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How the Degrassi Boys Measure Up: Their Dick Sizes Ranked

When it comes to which Degrassi girl has the biggest breasts, it's no question: Hazel is stacked, far above the other girls, even Paige. But when it comes to how the Degrassi boys measure up to each other, the answer is not so clear. So using my advanced knowledge of the show, I have put together a ranking of how each guy sits in terms of penis size. Yeah that's right, we're going there. If you're from the-N, this page may be too INTENSE for you, so maybe you should go back home to mommy. But if you think you can handle this, then read on and be ready to be cock rocked. And no, as far as you readers and the law is concerned, I do not have an obsession with underage boys cocks, this is just for research purposes only.

1. Spinner
Spinner penis size
We know Spinner has a very large dick, perhaps the largest in the world. All girls are unable to resist his massive member. If Spinner's dick were a heavenly body, it would be the Sun; massive and life giving, but it can also burn you if you don't use caution. And all the planets are women, revolving around him and basking in his love rays (aka semen). [Source: "Weird Science"]

2. Jimmy

Jimmy is a black man, so he has to be packing it in down there, but not as much as Spinner. [Source: "Family Politics" - first appearance of Jimmy, which showed us he was a blackie]

3. Craig

Yeah, Manny knows how big Craig is, and that's how she likes it. After she left Craig, she could only be satisfied with Spinner, since Jimmy was with Hazel at the time, and that would have been too hard of a relationship for her to break up. [Source: "Against All Odds" "Accidents Will Happen" among others]

4. Sean

Sean is like a Spinner-lite, so it would follow that Sean is also very large, but not quite a large as Spinner, and with fewer calories. Plus Sean is really cool, and cool guys have big dicks.

5. Dean

Dean is a fuck machine. [Source: "Shout"]

6. Jay

Emma couldn't take her mouth off Jay's monster. [Source: "Secret"]

7. Rick

It takes a pretty decent size cock to shoot a man. [Source: "Time Stands Still"]

8. Dylan

Dylan serves it to Marco so hard every night he splits the kid in two. [Source: "Moonlight Desires"]

9. Chris

Chris is also a black man, like Jimmy, but pretty lame, which knocks him down from 3rd to 8th place. Chris sucks.

10. Marco

Marco is a very short man, plus you know how poorly endowed Italians are.

11. Liberty

Liberty has a penis.

12. J.T.

Now we're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Manny broke up with him due to his small penis. J.T. is embarrassingly small, to the point wheel he can't stand up to pee, because it just dribbles. [Source: "Mercy Street"]

13. Toby

There's no way Toby has a bigger unit than J.T. because Toby is even more of a loser and less of a man than J.T. Toby has the smallest penis in all of Degrassi, even smaller than Mr. Simpson or Joey.

by Billie Green