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A Degrassi Song

It appears that the Degrassi fandom extends beyond just me, Billy, and a large number of 14 year old girls. There is in fact a group of talented musicians dedicated solely to making songs about Degrassi: The Next Generation. The band is called Tracker and the Candy Bandits. You may have seen some of their songs floating around the internet. They claim to have an entire album's worth of songs and are looking for somebody to finance the release of a CD. We here at Boycott the Caff would be glad to do that but unfortunately the internet business ain't what it use to be. We can barely make ends meet as it is. The best we can do is give exposure to this up and coming band and hope some big time record exec/Degrassi: the Next Generation fan hears their music and signs them.

Right now the only song we have available is Releasing the Beast, but look for more to come soon.

Click here to download Tracker and the Candy Bandits - Unleash the Beast (Within).MP3

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by Johnny Dangerous