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The Sour Sixteen Episode Reviews

I don't write the episode reviews in order. I started out by reviewing half of the first season, then I wrote through all of season 3 before I did much on season 2. I also reviewed season 5 before I finished season 4. By the summer of 2006, I had almost every episode of seasons 1 through 5 reviewed except for sixteen from the first two seasons. Sixteen not done out of one hundred ain't bad. In fact, it means I spend too much fucking time analyzing Degrassi episodes. How about I stop this and go make friends?

No, I can't do that. I'm going to get through these final sixteen episodes. I haven't gotten to them before because they aren't as interesting, intense, or memorable as the time Emma got her period or Sean joined the Candy Bandits. More of them are fairly boring. They are the Sour 16. But not liking an episode is no excuse to not review it, or else I would never write about Craig. So let's look back at Degrassi, at the early days, to a more simple time, before the show found its footing and was daring enough to have an abortion or blow job or shooting happen every week.

By Billie Green
Season 1

Eye of the Beholder 104

Terri likes Spinner, but Paige also likes Spinner. So Paige gets Terri drunk so she'll look like an ass and Spinner will be all Paige's.

Meanwhile, JT and Toby stay home to look at porn.

Parents Day 105

Turns out Toby's parents hate each other and turns out they will both be at Parents Day. Oh no! Whatever will Toby do?

Also, Ashley and Paige want to get modeling or acting work or something and Emma wants to bring down Channel One.

Basketball Dairies 107

Jimmy wants to be a basketball supa'star. But he needs Spinner Pills to do it. Will Spinner be able to get by without his medicine? What we he do once he is no longer contained by medical science?

Liberty wants to be on TV, but she fucks up. Fucks up as always.

Secrets and Lies 108

Ashley's dad is a homosexual. JT also pretends to be a homosexual so Liberty will stop looking at him.

Wannabe 112

Manny wants to be a cheerleader. Paige takes the little sprout under her wing and shows her how to be a bitch.

Under Pressure 114

Sean kicks Jimmy's ass.

Season 2

Mirror in the Bathroom 209

Toby wants to be a wrestler, but if he doesn't lose some weight he'll have to fight Sean and that will mean he'll be killed. Toby stops eating which was kind of stupid to do.

Don't Believe the Hype 211

Hazel is a Muslim, so now she has to wear a burka over her tits.

White Wedding Part 1 - 212

Snake and Spike are going to get married. Hilarity ensures.

White Wedding Part 2 - 213

By hilarity, I mean Spike is pregnant, which is bad because neither of them have any money.

Careless Whisper 214

Marco finds out he is gay. He decides to have Ellie be his beard, and Ellie is happy to oblige because it means she won't be home alone all weekend.

Message in a Bottle 216

Sean gets drunk.

Relax 217

Everyone tells Liberty how much they hate her. Rock on.

Dressed in Black 218

Craig and Ashley hook up.

Tears Are Not Enough Part 1 - 221

Craig's dad dies.

Tears Are Not Enough Part 2 - 222

Craig's dad is still dead.