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[pulled from some Degrassi fan site. Grammar and spelling have been improved to make sense.]
10. When you go to buy a car, you look for Joey to make you a great deal and when some one asks if they can help you find a car, you say, "I'm waiting for Joey to ask me that"

9. When you start calling your school news paper the Grapevine and insisting that Grapevine is the new name of the school news paper.

8. When you have students sign a petition to have tampon dispensers in the girls wash room.

7. When you chose to stay home and record Degrassi TNG episodes with out commercials instead of going to the school foot ball game or party

6. When you print Degrassi episode summaries, use a hole puncher and put them in a note book that you carry with you where ever you go.

5. When you stay away from white Vitamin pills just incase they have been switched with E

4. When you ask people in the cafeteria if the food is GM food {Genetically
Modified food}

3. When you have memorized all the words to the song "Everybody Wants Something" and Start chanting, "Righty tighty, lefty loosey" in shop class

2. When you print pictures from the Internet of Degrassi characters and cut them out and glue popsicle sticks to the back and start doing the voice's and creating your own episode..

and. . . .

Number 1 way to see if you have been watching way too much Degrassi . .. .

1. When you make a Pilgrimage to Degrassi Street in Toronto Canada once a year and consider it as your holy journey

Thanks to KELL for 10 ways you know you're watching way too much degrassi