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Where Have These Characters Gone?

Jimmy Brooks (Graduated HS)

Lieutenant James Brooks of Starfleet's Temporal Research Team saw his seven year mission to explore the life of 21st century teenagers in North America come to an end in early 2008 when his alter ego "Jimmy Brook" graduated high school. He was recalled back to the 24th century, but not before getting one last chance to wish his old friend, Gavin Mason, goodbye.

Upon returning to his own time, Brooks was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given his own starship to command, the Nova class USS Toronto. He leads a crew of 60 young cadets on a training mission; normally, a routine, boring assignment, but who knows what unexpected adventure awaits James Brooks: Spaceman of the Future?

Darcy Edwards (HS dropout)

left Degrassi to go build a school in Kenya. She will not be returning to school, because her conservative Christian parents thought it was a waste to allow a girl to complete an education. After she helped finish construction of the school, her parents sent her off to an intensive Christian reform camp in South Africa, where her free spirit was broken, her hair extensions clipped off, and her membership in the Church re-affirmed. Darcy was wed to a 55 year old rancher in Northern Cape province. Darcy Wyk Louw is now a housewife, who divides her time between raising her four young children, feeding the cattle and memorizing Bible verses in Afrikaner. She is currently pregnant with her fifth child. Often, she thinks back to the good old days when she was dating Spinner and wonders how she could have been such a fool as to leave him.

Toby Isaacs (Graduated HS)

enrolled in the prestigious Technical School of Canada, the Canadian subsidiary of ITT Tech. Isaacs was expelled after one semester for reasons that are currently classified by TSC, but rumor has it involve a web cam in a girl's dorm, three ponies, a showdown with a Yakuza kingpin, and illegally downloading a full terabyte of hentai on the university's bandwidth.

Toby wound up as the host for high school robot competitions. He is in talks to turn the robot competitions into a television show. Networks in the United States are uninterested. However, Canadian networks will put anything on air because they can just get the government to pay for it.

Toby has yet to lose his virginity.

Mia Jones (HS dropout)

is currently modeling in Paris, France. She could give a shit about her child.

Ashley Kerwin (HS dropout)

dropped out at the end of the 4th season to live in Great Britain with her dad. She returned in the first episode of the 6th season and re-enrolled in Degrassi. Since half of the people she was in 9th grade with did not graduate 12th grade on time, she felt no shame in being held back a year.

Ashley did not graduate as she dropped out a second time to join her love Craig on a tour of Europe just a few months shy of finally earning her degree. The tour of Europe was actually a trip to Las Vegas. Craig was hoping to win enough money to buy a car and some more cocaine. He wanted Ashley to come because she had a car and money. If Craig doesn't have any musical skill, at least he got the mooch off your girlfriend part of being an up-and-coming guitar player down. Ashley followed Craig to Las Vegas where he did more cocaine and lost money playing blackjack. Despite this, Ashley agreed to marry Craig at a drive-thru wedding chapel. They consummated the marriage with a long night of passionate sex.

The next morning, Ashley awoke to find that Craig had ran off after stealing her last $200 and her car. Ashley's current whereabouts are unknown, but we are sure she is being very emo about the situation.

Craig Manning (HS dropout)

left for Vancouver to become a musician. What no one other than me told him in the past seven years is that he has no musical talent. Craig took a part time job at a gas station to make ends meet. This soon turned into a full time job, as Craig was going nowhere with music but developing a massive cocaine habit. Stupid Craig, first you become a rock star, then you get hooked on cocaine. You're the opposite of Neil Young.

In "What it Feels Like to be a Ghost" Craig returned to Toronto, a drug addict and a failure. He was sent to Winnipeg to live with Joey and enter rehab. Of course Craig isn't going to take orders from a bitch like Joey, so Craig returned to his gas station in Vancouver. The guys he works with are his life. He was working on starting a band with them, also they are where he gets his cocaine. Craig didn't know how to escape the hell that is Canada, until he reconnected with his old flame, Ashley. After taking advantage of her to get to LA, Craig was ready to be a rock star. As far as Craig has ever been concerned, woman are important to him if he can take advantage of them for money or sex. Caring about another person's feelings is bullshit, man, cause I'm going to be a rocker!

Craig was last seen in that lame Hollywood TV movie, where he was living in LA and mooching off/ lying to a new girlfriend. At some point, she got sick of Craig's shit and kicked him out. Craig had no money or a work visa, so he quickly wound up as a prostitute to support his cocaine habit. He can be found living in a alley outside the 20th Century Fox lot, where he gives men blowjobs for quarters. He will give you a free blowjob if you listen to one of his shitty songs, but neither the song or the blowjob are worth it, my sources tell me. Craig lost all his teeth due to drugs and pulling the rest out so he could suck dick better. He is known around the neighborhood as the toothless crazy kid who wears a newspaper for underpants. Fuck you, Craig.

Paige Michalchuk (Graduated HS)

flunked out of college and is working as an assistant of some sort in the fashion world. She hates her job and tends to skip work a lot. But she still keeps her job, because do you know how hard would be to replace her in this economy?

Terri MacGregor (unknown)

After being put in the hospital by Rick, Terri was moved to a new school because Rick was attending Degrassi. Even though everyone hated Rick and he brought a gun to school, they still preferred having him around over Terri. It is unknown whether Terri completed school or resumed modeling. We assume her appetite returned to normal.

Ellie Nash, Marco Del Rossi, Liberty Van Zandt, and Hazel Aden (Graduated HS)

are all in college. Losers.

Emma Nelson (Graduated HS)

found college to be too stressful and took some time off to do some charity work. She is also smoking lots of weed.

Alex Nunez (Graduated HS)

after going back to high school even though she graduated, because Degrassi Community School is nuts like that, Alex moved in with Paige, Ellie and Marco and became a stripper for awhile. Alex left the show when she moved to Ajax (which is a real place) to live with her mother's cousin. We hear Alex is doing fine and pursing her dream of becoming a physical therapist. The kid's alright.

Manny Santos (Graduated HS)

I guess she left college to pursue acting in Hollywood, so said Emma. Based on Cassie Steele's skills, I'm sure she cannot get work. Manny also turned to prostitution and is enjoying that career more.

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by Billie Green