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A Boycott the Caf Interview with Adam Ruggiero

Adam RuggieroAdam Ruggiero is the 21 years old face of Marco Del Rossi, Degrassi: The Next Generation's resident gay. Adam is known for his fashion sense, love of musical theater and his prancing. Recently, the effeminate actor sat down for an interview with Boycott the Caf.

Boycott the Caf: Adam, if you could have sex with Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera, who would you choose?

Adam Ruggiero: Excuse me, my name's not Adam--

BtC: It's not? So you're not the person who plays Marco on Degrassi? I must have picked up the wrong person at the airport. Oh no.

AR: No, I am Marco. But my name is Adamo, with an o.

BtC: My card here says "Adam Ruggiero."

AR: You wrote that card yourself. My name is Adamo, not Adam. I'm Italian.

BtC: I thought you were Canadian.

AR: I am--

BtC: Did we really pick up the right person at the airport? Are you confused because you're not supposed to be here? If so, I'm sorry about that and I had better get back to the airport real quick.

AR: No, no sit back down. I am the actor from Degrassi. I'm Canadian, but I am also Italian. People of Italian descent are always ridiculously proud of being Italian and have to mention it to people at random intervals, even though many of us weren't born there and that country hasn't done anything worthwhile or won a war for more than five hundred years.

BtC: Ok, at least you managed to avoid saying you have mob connections. Let's just drop the name issue. You have our opinion on what your name is, I have mine.

AR: You can't have an opinion on my name. It's only spelled and pronounced one way.

BtC: I agree.

AR: Thank you.

BtC: Let's get back to my original question, would you rather have sex with Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera?

AR: I love their music so, so much, but they are both in committed relationships, and it would be wrong to get between someone and their significant other.

BtC: How about Britney Spears or Owen Wilson?

AR: No. I would want to avoid someone going through drug or mental problems. Why are you asking me these things?

BtC: No reason. Do you find it difficult to play a gay character like Marco?

AR: No. Playing the part comes naturally to me.

BtC: Really?

Adam Ruggiero
Adam with his sister, Lasagna

AR: Yes. I am an actor.

BtC: ...ok...I think it's interesting that you are so much like Marco. You're both Italian and, you know...

AR: I wouldn't say I'm so much like Marco. There are some differences.

BtC: Such as?

AR: I am not as big a fan of Bollywood movies and Saved By the Bell as Marco is.

BtC: Huh. Are you dating anyone right now?

AR: Sort of. It's nothing too serious right now, but I just started seeing this great person named Cameron.

BtC: Huh. Is Cameron person...I'm having trouble trying to phrase this next question.

AR: I know what you're going to ask. Is Cameron my first date? No, it was only a few weeks before meeting Cameron that I had broken up with Jess. My first crush was back in middle school, a lacrosse player named Alex.

BtC: [mumbles under his breath] Jesus Christ.

AR: Excuse me, what was that?

BtC: Nothing. So, what are some things you hate?

AR: I hate spiders. Eww, eww icky.

BtC: How about closet cases? Don't you hate them?

AR: What?

BtC: Closet cases, you know, people who won't come out of the closet even though it's pretty obvious that they have to be playing for the other team.

Adam Ruggiero
Adam with his grandmother, Calzona

AR: I don't understand. Why are you asking me this?

BtC: I'm an interviewer. This is an interview.

AR: Yeah, but all your questions have been really weird. What the matter with you?

BtC: What the matter with you? I just think you've never been interviewed by a professional before. Wow, you got to chat with Miss O girls magazine. That's really up there with getting on 60 Minutes. Boy, you Degrassi actors are so famous, the press is just jumping over themselves to talk to you. I can't even tell you how hard it was to arrange this. There is one hell of a waiting list to talk to you.

AR: You can stop being so sarcastic.

BtC: No, I'll keep it up because you are so awesome.

AR: Fuck you man, I'll kick your ass.

BtC: [giggles uncontrollably] I'm sorry, that's the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. Because it's you and I'd be more afraid if the girl who plays Kendra said that.

AR: This interview is over. I'm out of here.

BtC: Bye.

[Adam leaves the room, only to return a few minutes later.]

AR: do I get to the airport?

BtC: I know the way. How about I drive you there?

AR: Ok. Thanks.

by Billie Green