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A Boycott the Caf Interview with Ryan Cooley

Ryan Cooley Ryan Cooley is the 21 year old who played loveable horny boy, JT Yorke, from the first season to the sixth. Ryan left the show to study acting in college. I'm not sure why you would feel the need to study acting if you already have an acting career on a television show. Maybe you could study something like chemistry so you'll have a solid fall back plan. I suppose it speaks volumes to the level of talent they hire on Degrassi if all the kids feel they have to go somewhere to learn how to act when they are done.

Boycott the Caf met up with Ryan at his university, totally by chance when we were working on a scheme to put a spy cam in a sorority house.

Boycott the Caf: How are you enjoying college life?

Ryan Cooley: It's great. I am so stoked to have the freedom I never got working on Degrassi.

BtC: Was it bad on the Degrassi set?

RC: Kind of yeah. Well, not really at the beginning. In the beginning, it was cool. I was 12 and we were all really young. We could play with squirt guns and video games and stuff when we weren't filming and there were always lots of snacks and ice cream. It started to change in Season 2.

BtC: What happened?

RC: Once Jake Epstein [Craig] came on the show the fun ended. The ice cream machine and all the toys were taken out of the common area and moved to his private dressing room, which was locked. He was the producer's precious golden boy. We had to plan rehearsals and shootings around Jake's schedule and anyone who didn't address him as "Mr. Epstein" would be fired, like Christina [Terri] and Katie [Kendra] were. Fuck Jake Epstein. Fuck that guy.

Ryan Cooley Ryan with co-host Miriam McDonald on the set of the failed Degrassi spin-off Degrassi AM. Middle: Ryan's brother.

BtC: Do you ever get noticed as JT around campus?

RC: Not really. I mean, no one here really ever watched Degrassi back in the day. One time this girl stopped me and told me Degrassi was gay. She's my girlfriend now.

BtC: How are your classes going?

RC: I dunno.

BtC: You don't know?

RC: I'd have to check my sched. See what I'm supposed to be taking this semester.

BtC: It's March. I mean, the semester is half over. Do you really not know what classes you are taking?

RC: Hey man, fuck that shit. School's for fags. I'm about to audit a class in Kicking Your Ass you don't stop asking about school.

BtC: OK. OK. Are you much like JT?

RC: Naw. I mean, I do look at porn a lot on the net, but my girlfriend is way hotter than Liberty.

BtC: My 15 year arthritic old dog is too.

RC: She got some fine ass titties. Fine ass. Plus, I'm hung like a fucking beast. And you can quote me on that. Put that on your faggy little website in big, bold letters: Ryan Cooley has an 11 inch cock. That whole JT having a tiny dick and being jealous of Craig's episode was cause Jake was jealous of my huge rod and cried to the writers. Jake Epstein has a tiny dick. The others guys and I would call him Jacqueline, ha ha, he was so small down there. We all hated Jake Epstein. Ask any of them.

"Ryan Cooley has an 11 inch cock."

- Ryan Cooley

BtC: I see. So, is anything going on with you right now?

RC: No, not really.

BtC: Oh.

RC: Yup.

BtC: Yeah.

RC: Yes,

BtC: Yuppers.

RC: ...

BtC: [scratches neck]

RC: ...

Ryan CooleyRemember the good times.

BtC: You watch any of the Olympics?

RC: Olympics? What Olympics?

BtC: There was the Winter Olympics just in February. It was a month ago.

RC: Huh?

BtC: You must have heard of them. They were held in Vancouver. I thought they were a really big deal up here in Canada.

RC: I really didn't notice.

BtC: Oh.

RC: ...

BtC: Yuppers.

RC: OK, cool. Yeah, I'm going to my dorm and smoke some weed. Smell ya later, loser.

BtC: Can I come along?

RC: No.

by Billie Green