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A Boycott the Caf Interview with Shaene Grimes

Adam Ruggiero Sheane Grimes joined the cast of Degrassi in the fourth season, I think. It could have been earlier, I don't have a good memory of how the show progressed and I don't want to look it up. Anyway, she plays Degrassi's sole Christian because apparently Canada is mostly Buddhist or something. Besides acting on Degrassi, Shanea has also appeared on the Disney Channel, a Shania Twain biography and a coffee commercial.

Boycott the Caf: On the show you play a Christian. From the reaction of the other characters, Christians seem to be very rare in Canada.

Sheene Grimes:Yes they are. Even though Canada is a Western country full of people of European descent, no one here knows much about the Christian faith. It's loony.

BtC: In the 6th season you played a Myspace whore and you played it very well.

SG: Thank you.

BtC: How did you prepare for that role?

SG: I'm a teenage girl, so I have plenty of friends who are Myspace whores. I was able to look to them in order to study how to play the part.

BtC: Were you comfortable dressing so provocatively?

SG: Of course. Again, as a young girl, I need to validate myself by dressing as slutty as possible.

BtC: That's awesome. I like how feminism has developed in the last fifteen years. So the producers didn't have to do much persuading to get you to agree to dress like a MySpace whore?

SG: They didn't. But they were still way more enthusiast about it than me. The day we filmed the photograph scenes, no one in the crew called in sick. That only ever happens when there is a Paige-Alex episode, and I'm told for "U Got The Look" but I wasn't on the show at that point. That's unusual. Every day you have a few people call in sick. It seems like it is hard for the crew to be motivated to put together this show.

Adam Ruggiero
Sheana with her family in happier times

BtC: I must say, you have magnificent breasts.

SG: Thank you. I try my best.

BtC: May I feel them?

SG: Of course. Make yourself at home.

BtC: Hmm...nice texture and volume. I give them a 3.4 out of 5.

SG: Thank you. Mr. Kippel [Shane Kippel, the actor who plays Spinner] gave them a 3.15.

BtC: Well, he has a higher standard than myself, as well as more experience. What was it like kissing Mr. Kippel?

SG: Oh my God, it was mind blowing! I don't really know how to describe it in words, but I did learn from it that a woman can have an orgasm with out necessarily having intercourse.

BtC: I have to confess, whenever I see you kissing Spinner I always like to imagine that I am you.

SG: A lot of people tell me that, guys and girls.

BtC: Cool.

SG: Argh, matey.

BtC: What are some of your likes and dislikes?

SG: I love Hormel Chili. I hate pinwheels and whirligigs.

BtC: What your family life like?

SG: Excuse me, you promised before that you wouldn't bring up any questions about my family.

BtC: Don't worry. I turned the tape recorder off. It's just that you seemed really upset about the family thing and it might help to talk. None of this will be put on the website.

Adam Ruggiero
The last photo of Shenaa with a family member

SG: Ok, well, my family is dead set against me being an actress. When I told them I wanted to take acting classes they yelled at me the whole night, about how only whores go in to acting. But I was stubborn and I wanted do get into acting. I auditioned for Degrassi without telling my parents. They didn't even know my first episode ["Anywhere I Lay My Head"] was on TV until my grandmother called, crying about the shame of having a granddaughter on television. It took more than three hours for my dad to final calm my grandma down over the phone. Then my parents told me I was disgracing the family and I should leave. I've been living with my friend's family ever since then. I've only spoken to my mom once on the phone in the past four years. It's been hard but I really want to be an actress. This was part of the inspiration for Manny's situation with her family in "Venus".

BtC: Wow. Ok, I'm turning the tape recorder back on. We've just learned you've been hired on the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin off. That must be cool, I think, maybe.

SG: I'm very happy to have been cast on that show. Now I can get away from that lousy Canadian soap opera and move onto a real show. I was really excited to be on a major American TV network, but then I learned the show was going to be on the CW and I was bummed.

BtC: In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I have a bit of a crush on you.

SG: Really?

BtC: Absolutely. I have a fantasy that I would be penetrating you anally without a condom or lube.

SG: [stunned silence]

BtC: We'd also be doing it to Carole King songs. Mostly to "Jazzman" on a continuous loop.

SG: Oh God. Look at the time. I have to get going.

BtC: But you aren't wearing a watch. You just looked at your bare wrist.

At this point, Sheanea runs out of the interview room and through the exit of the Dumb Baby offices. Johnny Dangerous tries to tackle her, but Shaneea shoots him in the eyes with pepper spray. He was ok. "I've gotten bigger doses of mace from hotter women," he says.

by Billie Green