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CW Poster: Baywatch: The Next Generation

The CW is working on their own knockoff of Glee. Set in a summer camp, it will be called Acting Out and is described as "Glee meets Bad Santa" which makes no fucking sense. "Glee meets Bad Santa" sounds like a parody of a dumb Hollywood pitch. If it is that easy to pitch a show, then I have something for you TV networks. It's "The Andy Griffith Show meets Pokemon: the Movie." How you like that? I also have another It's like "The Teletubbies meet Human Centipede." I tell you, it's gold.

Glee is the now number one scripted show among 18-49 year-olds, and its songs and other merchandise bring in a ton of additional money. So, of course other networks want to copy its success. It's like when ABC had a huge hit in the summer of 1999 with Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the other three networks all rushed out their own quiz shows with a million dollar top prize. NBC brought back Twenty One (which was canceled in the 1950s due to a huge cheating scandal) and Fox created Greed, which I hate with a passion. I would have enjoyed Greed, if not for the fifteen minute pause between the contestant answering the question and the host revealing whether it was correct. There is building tension and there is being a dick. The Millionaire knockoffs failed to reach the success of the first game show and were all soon cancelled.

The next million dollar prize show to become a hit was Survivor, which was very different from a quiz show and set off a whole bunch of other reality TV shows trying to copy its format and success. And say you will about reality TV, but the first season of Survivor was really good.

My point is that the CW probably expects Acting Out to replicate the success of Glee, but it it most likely will not. And while other networks will try to make a new show that copycats a hit show's premise, the CW will just redo a show that ended eight years ago. There was their 90210 spinoff, which they followed with a new Melrose Place. Twilight is insanely popular, so the CW took the premise and made Vampire Diaries. And hey, viewers really liked Alias, so we need a girl-kicks-butt show. Fuck it let's just bring back La Femme Nikita. I think they also have a cheerleading show which just rips off Bring It On.

With that in mind, and since the CW loves to recruit from Degrassi, have created five posters promoting TV shows the CW is likely is produce in the future starring Degrassi actors.

Note: I know High School Musical aired before Glee, and is incredibly popular, but still less so than Glee. I was also in college at the time, so those movies completely passed me by. I wasn't going to watch the Disney Channel in college, I had Nickelodeon to occupy my Friday nights.

Baywatch The Next Generation

Title: Baywatch: The Next Generation
Starring: Anniejay Clark, Jordan Todosey, Jessica Tyler, David Hasselhoff
Based off: Baywatch
Premise: David Hasselhoff trains a new generation of sexy, large breasted lifeguards. I have never seen Baywatch, but I don't think there was more to the show than that.

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