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Degrassi Online: Degrassi Secrets

I was looking for more Degrassi sites to link to when I found my way to Livejournal. I was surprised to find several Degrassi based Livejournal communities. I was also surprised that Livejournal still exists. Christ, I remember that thing back when I was in high school. I knew people who had Livejournal, but they all moved to Wordpress/Myspace-then-Facebook/Blogspot years ago. I mean, when I think of Livejournal, I think of sites of days of yore like Altavista or Lycos or, not Google or Facebook or Twitter. Somehow it's still around.

One community I stumbled on is Degrassi Secrets where fans post images revealing their hidden secrets about the show. As you can imagine, most of them are about which couples they want to hook up. Many are also hard to read. The community has been dormant since November of '09. I thought I would post some images that I enjoyed, agreed with, or made me think. If you are a member of Degrassi Secrets and would like me to remove a image you made, tough titties It's not like you can sue me. Go suck a bucket full of dicks.

I agree. Great match of the caption and image.

Ha ha ha

This thought came up more than once on that site. Wow.

A lot of the images were on the subject of fantasies about male characters having gay sex. Degrassi fans are an odd bunch.

I first made fun of The Next Generation when I was a teenager (and started this website before I could legally buy beer) so I would think a lot of the show's younger fans do so as well. I like to imagine that the audience is roughly a 70/30 split between people who make fun of the show and those who get into the stories. However, I never spend any time in sites where Degrassi fans hangout, so I do not know many fans (thankfully).

Yes! Someone else agrees!

I have never watched 90210, but I have no doubt it is better than Degrassi, just because it's an American show. Firefighting and health care are best left to the government. Manufacturing and television production are best left to the free market. You said it more concisely than I did.

We got an email a couple of years back from someone who claimed to be Shane's girlfriend. She said that we were not exaggerating about how big his penis is. I don't know if that was for real, nor do I do know if this image is either. I mean, it's a given that a Canadian woman would have slept with him, that's what being a Canadian woman is all about. Get over yourself, princess. I'm sure Shane's then girlfriend was cool with it. Being Shane's girlfriend is like being an Alpha Female in a wolf pack. You expect your partner (the Alpha Male) is going to sleep with other woman. You just get to be his main squeeze.

Sure, it's an anonymous internet rumor, but I believe it none the less.

Excellent observation. However, I doubt the writers had that planned. They aren't a bunch that really plans things in any way.

I'm not pretending to not know their names. I really didn't until recently. The show introduces twenty new people every school year and I seriously have a hard time keeping up. I didn't even learn the names of all of the original characters until season 3.

I would take this criticism hard, but this person believes that season 9 has been good, so she is just a crazy. Go back to your Justine Bieber album, little miss, and leave Degrassi mocking to the big girls (I mean big as in grown up, not as in fat. Degrassi fandom is no place for Terris).

I enjoy DTNGU's Twats too! I follow them on the Twitter. I even went to their Livejournal page, but none of the posts were about Degrassi; they were all about CW shows I have never watched, so I didn't understand their posts.

I do wish there were more sites that make fun of Degrassi. I mean, there are, but they are usually not funny. I'll even find super lame websites out there that want to be Degrassi news and information sources and take the show seriously, and I'll wonder why anyone would bother.

I also would like to know where I can find his fan world that adores us. This site isn't that popular and most of the comments we get are about how lame we've gotten.

That plan won't work. Boycott the Caf doesn't actually have a fanbase.