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Boy Meets World

Title & Description
Air date
1 4

Cory's Alternative Friends

Cory messes up his hair and has to sit with the losers at lunch.
10.15.93 06.01.10 C Billie
1 10

Santa's Little Helper

Shawn is too poor for Christmas.
12.10.93 06.18.10 C- Billie
1 21

Boy Meets Girl

Cory asks Topanga out.
05.06.94 06.27.10 B- Billie
2 1

Back 2 School

Cory begins high school and runs afoul of a bully.
09.23.94 07.15.10 C Billie
2 8

Band on the Run

Cory and Shawn start a band.

Cory's dad reunited with his band.

11.11.94 07.15.10 B Billie
2 10

Sister Theresa

Harley's little sister has her eye on Cory.
11.25.94 06.01.10 B Billie
5 18

If You Can't Be With The One You Love

Shawn becomes a big drunk.
03.06.98 05.22.10 A- Billie



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