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Degrassi: The Next Generation Explained

"Degrassi" is a series of Canadian television programs about the lives of teenagers who go to school in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). There have been four television series under the Degrassi name. The three earliest ones ran on the CBC. The current airs on CTV.

The series was created by Linda Schuyler, a former teacher and current owner of 55 cats. Stephen Stohn, her totally not actually gay hubbie, is the show runner.

The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979-1985)

Degrassi Junior High

Degrassi Junior High (1987-1988)

Degrassi High

Degrassi High (1989-1991)

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-present)

Degrassi: The Next Generation is the focus of this website. If you have a friend you want to get into Degrassi because you hate that person, send 'em over here to get caught up on all the madness.

Things to Keep in Mind When Watching Degrassi

These are points which are usually not stated outright in the dialogue, but can be deduced through careful observation of what occurs on screen.

Jimmy is from the future. He is a time traveler from the 24th century who was sent back in time to observe North American teenagers in the early 21st century. His father is in fact his commanding officer and his large a futuristic looking home is their base of operations.

Spinner is a Sex God, pleasing all the ladies, and all the ladies want to be pleased by him.

JT and Toby are a homosexual couple.

Manny is a whore.

Craig is an asshole.

Mr. Simpson has his testicles removed when Spike ordered him too. He has no power in their house.

The Next Generation's Story So Far

Season 1 – The Classic Year

2001-2002. Paige, Spinner, Ashley, Jimmy, Terri, and Hazel attend 8th grade. Emma, Sean, Manny, JT and Toby, and Liberty attend 7th grade.

Emma periodEmma (the activist) is the only daughter of Snake, a DJH/DH character who became pregnant in high school.

The first episode begins with the students of Degrassi: Junior High and Degrassi: High returning to school for their 10 year reunion. The adults in the show occasionally have stories, but I will not concern myself with them 'cause I don't give a toot! Emma gets into trouble because she meets up with a boy she met online but who turns out to be a rapist.

Toby (the computer nerd) has a crush on Emma, but Emma has a crush on Sean (the bad boy) who has a criminal record.

Terri (the fat girl) doesn't like being fat. JT (the non computer nerd) and Toby look at internet porn. Paige (the queen bee) has friends even though she is mean to all of them. Ashley (the go getter) gets elected class president of her middle school and learns her dad is gay.

The 8th graders have sex ed. Ashley and Jimmy (the jock) buy condoms but do not have sex.

watermelonEmma gets her first period.

Spinner (the bully) boycotts the caf. Liberty (the villain) has math dyslexia.

Manny (the bubbly best friend to Emma) wants to join the cheerleading team that Paige runs with her Hazel (the bubbly best friend to Paige). Paige makes Terri and Ashley put on a sexy talent show.

Sean almost fails school so he fights Jimmy and accidentally pushes Emma.

Ashley takes Ecstasy during a middle school party.

Season 2 – Pretty Much the Same, but with Craig

Craig beat2002-2003. The 8th graders should move to high school, but the producers came up with the excuse that the local HS had merged with Degrassi so everyone could remain in the same building for the rest of the series.

Craig (the pretty boy) is the new kid whose dad beats him up. He goes to live with Joey (the used car salesman) who was married to his mom.

Ashley won't get her friends back, so she becomes besties with Ellie (the goth). Toby crushes on Spinner's little sister Kendra (the anime girl).

Spinner gets an erection.

rapePaige gets raped by Dean (the rapist).

Hazel gets outed as a Muslim. Emma and Sean get back together when her mom gets married.

Marco (the gay kid) realizes he is gay. He dates Ellie so no one will know.

Craig's dad dies. Craig and Ashley kind of date.

Season 3 – The Rise of Sean

Manny thong2003-2004. Emma learns her real father resides in a home for retarded people. Emma's mom gives birth to a boy.

Manny starts dressing in very revealing clothes.

Marco comes out to his friends. Spinner is homophobic. Mr. Simpson gets cancer.

Sean joins Jay and Alex to form the Candy Bandits. Sean and Emma break up around now.

Ellie cuts her arms. Terri meets Rick, who dates her for a bit and then beats her up and puts her in a coma.

rockCraig tries to date Ashley and Manny at the same time. The girls find out about this and break up with him. Later on, Manny finds out that Craig got her pregnant, so she has an abortion. Ashley gets all whiny and emo about Craig. Craig makes it up to Ashley by writing a song. Manny goes on to date JT.

Marco begins dating Dylan (the gay jock) who looks like Spinner.

Sean gets on student welfare so he can live on his own. He goes crazy for a bit but then goes on the straight and narrow.

Season 4 – What the Fuck Happened to Spinner?

2004-2005. Paige has to go to court to testify against Dean, Dean is acquitted. Paige is upset over this.

Marco is elected class president.

Rick gunJT dates Manny for awhile. They break up because he has a tiny penis and the penis pump proved worthless. Ellie's mom is an alcoholic who sets their house on fire. Ellie moves in with Sean. Spinner and Paige break up. Spinner dates Manny.

Rick returns to Degrassi. He befriends Toby and is bullied so severely that he brings a gun to school and shoots Jimmy. Sean wrestles the gun away from Rick, which results in Rick dying. Sean leaves the show. Jimmy winds up paralyzed.

Craig is diagnosed as bipolar. Craig and Ashley agree to get married but then Ashley leaves Canada and the show for a couple of years and moves to Britian.

Kevin SmithEmma gives Jay a blow job. Jay gives Emma gonorrhea

Jimmy returns to school. Spinner confesses to bullying Rick till he shot Jimmy. Spinner loses all his fiends and he and Jay are expelled. JT and Liberty hook up.

Ellie goes back to her mom. Paige dates a student-teacher. Dylan cheats on Marco.

Kevin Smith shoots a movie at Degrassi.

Season 5 – Half the Seniors Don’t Graduate

Manny boob2005-2006. Spinner returns to school, friendless. Manny lets Peter (the porn king) film her topless. He then sends the video to everyone in school. Manny is kicked out of her house. She moves in with Emma.

Paige smokes weed with Alex.

JT gets Liberty pregnant. He sells pharmacy pills on the street to make money.

Jimmy and Ellie are friends. Jimmy is an artist now.

Marco comes out to his dad.

Spinner befriends Darcy (the Christian) who takes him to a Christian camp. Hazel breaks up with Jimmy after four years because he likes Ellie.

Paige and Alex become gay girlfriends. Mr. Simpson kisses Principal Hotmess and is kicked out of his house.

Manny boobLiberty gives birth and puts the kid up for adoption. Craig leaves the show.

Mr. Simpson moves back with his family. Emma dates Peter and has an eating disorder.

Paige and Alex break up. Spinner cheats on Darcy with Paige.

The 8th graders from Season 1 graduate, except for Spinner and Jimmy, who each lost a year due to the shooting; Jay, who was expelled; Ashley who left the country; and Craig, who is a gas station attendant in Vancouver now.

Season 6 – Shouldn’t This Be Over By Now?

Jimmy penis2006-2007. Sean returns. He car races Peter for Emma's hand. Sean runs over a guy and goes to jail. Emma realizes Peter is a dick. Ellie works at her college's newspaper and hooks up with the editor.

Jimmy wants an erection for Ashley. The cheerleaders need a new star. They find that in Mia, the teen mom. JT takes a shine to Mia.

Darcy puts sexy pictures of herself online. A pedophile finds her.

Spinner and Jimmy open up a t-shirt store.

Sean is out of jail.

Craig returns. He is a cocaine addict.

stripperJT is stabbed to death. Toby makes a move on Liberty.

Paige fails out of college. Darcy and Peter get together. Paige dates both Spinner and that editor. Emma and Sean have sex at some point.

Marco has a gambling problem.

Alex becomes a stripper and she and Paige get back together. Sean joins the army.

Season 7 – No Horse Too Dead to Beat

2007-2008. Lakehurst burns down. Those students all transfer to Degrassi. This is kind of a problem because the kid who stabbed JT (and is now in prison) was from that school.

Darcy is date raped and attempts suicide.

Spinner cancerPaige gets a job in the fashion world. Paige and Alex break up for good. Alex leaves the show.

Jimmy becomes a popular rapper. He meets another crippled girl in rehab.

Spinner is diagnosed with testicular cancer. He fights people and the videos go online. He meets Jane (the punky girl). Darcy gets friendly with Mr. Simpson.

Manny and Jay become an item. It's supposed to be pretend at first but then it becomes real at some point.

Holly J (the new queen bee) is mean to Anya (Holly J's loyal pal). Anya hooks up with Sav (the rocker).

Emma pantiesEmma takes off her clothes as a protest.

Spinner smokes medical marijuana.

Marco almost becomes a prostitute.

Darcy gets too friendly with Mr. Simpson, who gets suspended under suspicion of being a molester.

Everyone spring breaks in British Columbia.

The father of Mia's baby briefly returns to Mia and the baby but stops because it is too hard.

graduationPaige sleeps with a boy who has HIV.

Mr. Simpson is cleared and returns to teaching.

Ellie and Marco have sex.

The Season 1 7th graders (plus Spinner and Jimmy) graduate.

Season 8- Fuck

football2008-2009. Mia becomes a professional model.

Jane joins the football team.

Emma, Manny, and Liberty are roomies in college with a boy. Liberty briefly pledges to a sorority.

Alli (the dumb girl) and Clare (the nerd) find Mr. Simpson's dildo. Clare likes KC (the troubled boy) but Connor (the Aspergers kid) also likes her and has Aspergers

Riley (the sports star) tries to repress his homosexuality.

Alli is attracted to Johnny (the bully).

Alli hates Holly J so she posts mean things about her online. This makes Holly J sad but also less of a bitch.

Jane's dad used to molest her.

Emma smokes a lot of weed in college.

gunAlli and Johnny have sex.

Mia quits school to model full time. Then she goes back to school.

Spinner is shot by a robber.

Everyone goes to Hollywood in the four part season finale.

Season 9 - The Lame Generation

2009-2010. Currently airing.

Season 10

Currently in production.