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PhotoShop Phunday: Movie Thoughts

Hello there, Boycott the Caf readers. It's time for another PhotoShop Phunday, bought to you by the Forumatorium Faggots. This week's assignment was to photoshop their thoughts on movies. You'll see that the Faggots' thoughts often say more about them than the movie they critique.

skinny has an opinion on Donnie Darko and wants us to know it.

absintheaddict needs to remember most child actors don't go far after puberty.

Santeria is one of twelve hockey fans in the US.

Billie Green just hates any movie with women in it.

BitchyKaybelf really just whines a lot.



FatFuhrerRyan should have posted Cool As Ice.


TheInformers is using Korean boy bands as a stepping stone to one day admitting she is a lesbian.


Stormy, I think, didn't understand the contest and justed posted her favorite movie.