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A Letter to Our Readers: We're Basically Done with Degrassi

To all our Loyal Readers,

In 2004, we began a humor website at the domain We didn't concentrate on just one topic, we'd write about video games, or Jack White being a badass or Goofus and Gallant, or any general subject we wanted to joke about. For awhile, we were writing way too much about Power Rangers. A year later, we began writing frequently about Degrassi: The Next Generation, a show we loved to mock since its first season. This subsection soon became the most popular part of the website.

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We based Boycott the Caf of the kinds of discussions we had about Degrassi as teenagers. The Next Generation premiered while we were in high school, which made us young enough to not seem weird by watching the show, but old enough to be bitter and snarky about it and everything in the stupid lame world. One of our weekend pastimes would be to get together with a few friends and catch Degrassi when it was on The-N (which was 24/7 back then) and make fun of it. We were treating this teenage soap opera like Mike and the robots treated B-movies on Mystery Science Theater 3000, a show that heavily influenced our sense of humor as kids. Then we left for college and didn't have access the the special cable package Degrassi and Spanish MTV are on. And telling people in college you watch Degrassi is a good way for them to not want to talk to you anymore. It was then that we decided to put our database of Degrassi humor online.

The first year of Boycott the Caf was interesting. We went online during the fourth season, when Degrassi was getting press in the United States due to a guest appearance by Kevin Smith and 100% intense storylines such as a school shooting and oral sexcapades. It took awhile for some visitors to realize we were a humor site. Often, young people would stumble upon Boycott the Caf thinking they would find an extensive library of Degrassi information, and then get angry because we would dare to mock this stupid show. People would also try to correct our information, and we would have to smack those punk daddies down. Good times. Good times.

But that was 2005. The original plan was for Johnny to write the character bios and Billie to handle the episode reviews. This was when we assumed the show would end after the fifth season. But it's soon to begin its eleventh! It's been a lot of episodes to write up. Too many, in fact.

It was noticeable to you, our readers, how mediocre the reviews got back around season 7. Billie exhausted with the workload and frustrated with the show, and it showed in the writing. Particularly the constant complaining about how poor the show is. Johnny started reviewing episodes beginning with "Sweet Child O' Mine" to take some of the load off. Splitting a season between the two of us may have worked if the show had not turned into 48 episode long seasons. Writing about the show has stopped being fun and started becoming work.

What once was a hobby has become a chore. With this in mind, we hope our readers understand why, with a heavy heart and lots of farts, we have decided to end our coverage of Degrassi. We will not review season 11. Even if we had the energy to keep up with season 11, we feel that we've gone as far as we can possibly go in writing about this show. There is nothing new we can really add to our commentary. After 200+ episodes it's long past time for us to stop.

The truth is, we would have stopped some years back if not for the fact that you guys love our episode write-ups. The Degrassi reviews are by far the most viewed content on this site. During the soap opera summer of 2010, our page views more than tripled from people reading the four-episode-a-week recaps. The e-mails and message board posts you guys have written about us have been a delight to read. We wanted to give you what you asked for, even when it got to the point where it was not necessarily what we wanted to do. And the fact that the people who work on Degrassi enjoy our reviews has been very cool. But honestly, if we had known we were going to get the attention of a television show's producers, we probably would had started a fansite to The Office all those years ago instead.

We know some of you will be disappointed, and some will even stop visiting the website. That's OK. We know we will get fewer pageviews by abandoning our most popular section. We want to look at that with a glass half full spirit: the people who leave us can find something else online to amuse themselves with, and we can work on building a new readership.

This will not be the end of Boycott the Caf, merely an evolution. We will continue to put content online. And we still plan to publish a review of the "Degrassi in New York" special someday...whenever that may be. Consider it our swan song to the show. And Ruthie, the third Beatle, will still be adding her excellent reviews of Degrassi: Junior High.

We may review some season 11 episodes, if we find they are ripe for new jokes, but expect any reviews to be few and far between. It's also a longshot that we will even watch any of the eleventh season. Before anyone offers to write the reviews for us, please keep in mind that formatting and uploading the reviews will still be a ton of work for Billie, so we'd rather not deal with it. Also, experience tells us we probably won't think you are funny. If you want to snark on Degrassi, why don't you create your own site? If we like it, we will link to it.

What will we do now? Write about topics we still enjoy. We've discussed creating a podcast as well as Youtube videos. The heart of the humor of our Degrassi content was based on the conversations we had in high school. We want to get back to having humorous back-and-forths with each other.

Thank you so much for reading this site. It's so awesome to know so many people find us funny, and we hope you'll stick with us to the day we reach our 30s and have kids and turn this website into an obnoxious parenting blog.


Wilma Greenshrub,

Boycott the Caf Admin & Editor

Jonathan Dangerous, Esq.

Boycott the Caf Head Writer