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Oriental Voodoo



Origins An Arab warlord wants to consolidate power, so he forces those he conquers to worship a Moon god God frees the Hebrews and gives them Ten Commandments to live by Jewishness becomes corrupt, so our Heavenly Father sends his Son to be born in a barn to a virgin. He spreads the word of God and then dies for a weekend Who the hell knows? The atom bomb is tested. Men land on the Moon. Now there are men who believe they are their own Gods.
Founder Muhammed the Warlord God, assisted by Moses God though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Confusus Charles Darwin & Karl Marx & Lenin
Founded 622 AD 5000 BC 1 AD 1963 1945
Helped Create Terrorism Young Frankenstein The United States Constitution Fortune cookies Communism
Most Famous Followers Osama bin Ladin, Barrak Hussein Obama Jerry Seinfeld George Washington Bruce Lee, Harold & Kumar Joseph Stalin
Number of People Killed 3000+ (with more killed in the name of Islam each day!) 1 (JESUS!) 0 unknown 500,000,000,000,000
Core Value Suicide bombers Money Love and Peace Yoga Being thickheaded fools
Views on Sex Committing a terrorism will get your 44 virgins in heaven Must be performed through a hole in a bed sheet Must be within a marriage and solely for the purpose of making babies. Must perform Karma Suitra Have it every night with strangers and no condoms because you can just get an abortion
Views on Homo-Sex Homo-sexuals are put to death by public stoning Homo-sexuals have to give back their bar mitzvah Homo-sex is condemned by Jesus and God in the Bible. While we do not believe homo-sex should be a death sentence (God does via AIDS) we do encourage homo-sexuals to undergo conversion therapy to become straight. Thailand's entire economy is based on sex changes Homo-sex is encouraged between all men and homo-marriage is promoted in effort to destroy traditional family oriented marriage, thereby overthrowing society.
Views on Women Women must not been seen by men or hold jobs. They must be kept inside and locked in a box at all times Jewish men must live under their mother's authority their entire lives Women should serve men, stand behind them, remain obedient and quiet and clean up after him. Geishas, dude, geishas Feminism says that women are better than men

Which Will You Choose?