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Ghetto Cupcake

Ghetto Cupcake is a comic about a living Cupcake and his human Pal who live together in the ghetto. Click below for the various issues of Ghetto Cupcake and look even further below for information about the comic.

The Issues
Ghetto Cupcake
#17 Wants Friends
June 2006
Ghetto Cupcake
#16 Fire Truck
August 2005
Ghetto Cupcake
#15 Superheroes
July 2005
Ghetto Cupcake
#14 Ice Cream
June 2005
Ghetto Cupcake
#13 Jack in the Box
May 2005
Ghetto Cupcake
#12 Office Follies 2
April 2005
Ghetto Cupcake
#11 Band
March 2005
Ghetto Cupcake
#10 Christmas
December 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#9 Vote
November 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#8 Halloween
October 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#7 Poops Pants
September 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#6 Lawnmower
August 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#5 Starving
July 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#4 Gerbil Cage
June 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#3 Office Follies
May 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#2 Planting Flowers
April 2004
Ghetto Cupcake
#1 Celine Dion
March 2004

The Characters

Ghetto Cupcake


Cupcake is a living cupcake. He is often beaten on and abused by humans, who tend to find him annoying and an easy target to pick on. Cupcake is only the size of an actual cupcake, lacking any strength or way to defend himself.

Cupcake finds it hard to survive in the human world, and is forced to live in the ghetto and often go long periods without food because he is very very poor.

Still, Cupcake remains cheerful and friendly at almost all times. He trusts all people, even those who beat him every time they meet. He enjoys playing with his toys and watching "Barney and Friends."

Ghetto Cupcake's Pal

Pal is Cupcake's only human friend. Cupcake considers Pal to be his big human protector (even though Pal never helps him) and his best friend (even though Pal never talks and Cupcake does not know Pal's real name). Pal mostly sits around, unresponsive to the what occurs around him.

Pal's origins are unknown. He has a constant green paste on his mouth and is always carrying a fish.

Ghetto Cupcake's Boss

Mr. Boss is the name Cupcake uses for his boss at work. Boss forces Cupcake to do labor too difficult for Cupcake's small body, or will torture Cupcake during amusement the work day.

Still, Cupcake remains obedient toward his Boss, even though he is rarely paid his $5 a week salary.

Ghetto Cupcake's Gorilla & Saki
Gorilla & Saki

Gorilla & Saki are two tormentors of Cupcake. One is a gorilla, and the other is a sock. They are wealthy heirs to a corporate fortune, may be brothers somehow, and enjoy the kind of life Cupcake cannot because he is very poor.

They enjoy abusing Cupake whenever they encounter him.

Ghetto Cupcake's Gorilla & Saki
Booples the Cuddle Bear & Cletus and Roo

Boobles is a teddy bear and Cletus and Roo are a two headed worm. They are Cupcake's only friends other than Pal. Cletus is dead, but because they do not know what death is they all assume he is sleeping.

They are homeless, and even poorer than Cupcake.

The Reviews

*thumb down* - hypaone "The Wolf Web"

That is the least funny comic I have ever seen. - Ronny "The Wolf Web"