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Mailbag #27

Subject: Swag
From: Tiffany
Date: 03.04.2010

Hey, I read your mail bag and now that you mention it, they gave me a ton of swag when I left that I'll never use. Like a comic book about Spinner and another about Marco & Dylan. Oh and a poster signed by most of the cast -- but keep in mind it's season 8 or 9 cast. They also gave me a couple of shirts but I refuse to get rid of a shirt with Craig's face on fire.

I could send you one of these delights if you'd like --- I'm sure it would be the Spinner book lol.

Oh and when you mentioned Lost, now Degrassi & Lost are connected. Dayo Ade, who played BLT (yes, like the sandwich) on the original Degrassi had a 2 episode stint on Lost. I think it was this season, I haven't seen it yet.

It's pretty cool that they gave you stuff when you quit/got fired from your job at Degrassi. Or when you say gave do you mean "gave" with the air quotes and they "gave" it to you in the sense that nobody caught you taking it like how the guy who played Joey was "given" various things from the set that he would sell on eBay.

If these were actual presents I must ask why didn't all of the cast sign your poster? You were mean to some of them weren't you?

Subject: Drake
From: Jason R
Date: 03.03.2010

Do you think Jake Epstein is sad by the fact that he wasn't the Degrassi cast member who went on to have a successful music career?

Jake Epstein is sad that he doesn't get to have a TV show on the CW or get to be in a Lifetime Original movie.

Subject: J.T. Yorke
From: thefarmersbrown
Date: 03.08.2010

Hey, I just realized that J.T. Yorke's name sounds awfully close to James Tiberius Kirk's( you know, from Star Trek? ) Do you think this is on purpose? It's kinda wierd that the Degrassi writers did this, even if it was an accident.

Kisses, Jessica

P.S. don't ask me what my email address means, it's my brothers and i stole his laptop

I'm no computer whiz, but I'm pretty sure you've haven't been restricted to one email address per computer since 2003. Vista lets you have like five email addresses.

Subject: Spinner's New Movie
From: vic a
Date: 03.12.2010

Just thought you'd like to see the poster for Spinner's newest film(In the attachment). . .enjoy

Hope it takes your mind off of what i can only assume from your reviews is a deplorable 9th season of degrassi. I stopped watching after they ruined the last character i cared about at all (Darcy) by having her date that fag peter. Though i guess it's nothing to brag about that i stopped watching the show in the middle of season 7. Or was it season 6? i don't remember, thank God.

Hard to beleive that degrassi could get so bad that we'd actually pine for the first few seasons again. I want Sean back.

I didn't see the poster because I don't make it a habit to open attachments from strangers. Maybe I would open an attachment if you said there was a picture of a naked lady or something but I would make sure to do it in the library so I wouldn't ruin my computer if there was a virus.

Subject: Very very very important. You need you read this now. Or else.
From: softballgirl411
Date: 04.14.2010

Dear Billie and Johnny,I have a very funny story to share with you two today, but first I will puzzle you with my love for your site. I know you think you aren't funny, but, in fact, you are. Forchunetely (fuck spellcheck. Do I look like a Liberty? ), your jokes usually offend someone who is not me. I am a white, Christian, American girl who doesn't give a shit about anything you make fun of, hence me continuously loving you and your hilarious banter.Anyways, here's my story. Yesterday in lunch, I told my friend she was creepy for being in love with a boy who is about 4 feet tall and whom does not like her, or have the urge to spend any of his time with her and her creeperness. So, my other friend decided to tell me I was creepy for stalking a celebrity. First of all, there is no celebrity whom I stalk. That is a waste of time. Sure, I the occasional google search and have his youtube account bookmarked onto my computer and have pictures of him taped in my locker, but I am surely not stalking him. I would have to be in Canada to do that, because he is in fact a Degrassi actor. I am sorry to say he is not Shane Kippel. You can figure it out for yourself. So, as I  sat there and watched her causually change the subject due to the steam shooting out of my ears, I considered talking that bitch and going all Mean Girls jungle fighting day dream style on her ass. How dare she not notice my obsession with your website, boycott the caf? I only mention it 57248975 times a day. She is just stubborn and refuses to check it out, which is why I bash her here, knowing she will never see it if you decide to put this in your mail bag.Anywho, I have some homework I should probably get to doing, so keep postin' those truths. I want more Declan and Fiona are fucking truths, damnit! And make it a how picture so I can put it in my locker ;]Love and kisses, Jessica

Why do I have the feeling that we will be hearing about Landon Liboiron's nude headless body being found in a shallow grave?

Subject: Your fears have been realized
From: loboagogoa
Date: 04.18.2010

A video of Nick Cannon assuring Teen Nick audiences that Degrassi will continue FOREVER

So is Nick Cannon an executive at Nickelodeon? He must have gotten an MBA while I wasn't paying attention. At least the commercial was kind of funny. Notice he never said Degrassi would keep going on and be entertaining, it's just going to last forever.

Subject: Boycott the Caf
From: Julia B
Date: 04.20.2010

Hi there.

I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how awesome your website is. I am big fan of Degrassi, and everytime you guys review an episode, I laugh my ass off. You make the most clever statements that I always enjoy reading. I don't always agree with everything you say, but it's still funny as hell to read.

I'm glad that we can agree that this show has really gone downhill. I think that the writers are running out of issues to cover, so that equals crappy episodes in return. However, I'm glad that you guys liked the episode "Heart Like Mine". You had given all of the other episodes in season 9 a "Z" rating, and I thought for sure that you guys were gonna rag on that episode. I also thought that that episode was a hell of a lot better than the other crap that they have been airing lately.

Continue with the great reviews, gentlemen!


I think everybody at Degrassi decided to have two good episodes and put all their effort into Heart Like Mine and just sort of coasted for the rest of the season. Do keep in mind that this is Degrassi ratings. The standard is much lower. If Degrassi were to be rated on a scale reserved for good shows it would get nothing higher than a C.

Subject: glee episode 1
From: laura dv
Date: 04.28.2010

hey billie,

have you ever noticed that "New Directions" sounds an awful lot like "Nude Erections"?just sayin'

So, just curious, what else reminds you of nude erections?

Subject: Glee!
From: Chris U
Date: 04.27.2010

You have made me so happy! 

Since the recent DtNG reviews (with the notable exception of Heart Like Mine) have been rather lackluster, I am glad you found something new to get excited to write about. Whatever you are enjoying is always the most enjoyable to read. My wife and I are stoked to find out what you think about each episode of that which is currently our favorite show! 

Also, my wife hates Degrassi.


Your wife sounds like she has the right idea.

Subject: Glee
From: mtvgeneration21
Date: 05.15.2010

So i was reading your review of "the power of madonna" and i just find it interesting that the guy who plays Jesse is gay in real life. I think that makes the 'like a virgin' scene all the more fun.

Subject: rupaul
From: mtvgeneration21
Date: 05.15.2010

on another note (since i just e-mails you like 20 minutes ago), the degrassi and rupauls drag race comparison thing was one the greatest things ive ever seen and it truly has made my day,

I'm glad you took the time to send a second email just to let us know that. You have made my day. I wish you would make my sunday because then I would have ice cream right now

Subject: funny
From: thefarmersbrown
Date: 05.16.2010

Saw this on, thought you might find it funny. (304):

There comes a time in a man's life when he's almost thirty he just needs to stop watching Degrassi. This is that time.

It is so very true.

Subject: Boy Meet World
From: Hunter B
Date: 05.24.2010

Dear Boycott the Caf,

I love your reviews of glee, but your review of boy meets world was hilarious. After I read it I started rewatching episode of the show. That show is way funnier, and dirtier, than i remember. You should keep reviewing it.

- Former Degrassi, current B.M.W fan

Boy Meets World is about ten different kinds of awesome. Make sure to buy the DVD sets. If enough get sold then hopfully they'll release DVDs of the good seasons.

Subject: wtf is up with your site
From: stonecoal
Date: 05.27.2010

every time i go on it my computer screen says error. Also, what would your guys do if spinner was in a room and he had whipp cream on him lol

I would tell Spinner to stop wasting my whipped cream because I'm planning on buying a pie at the store later. I think it will be a pumpkin pie.

Subject: Degrassi HD
From: Benji
Date: 06.11.2010

Incase you need the rest of the episodes

Nifty. Thanks for the heads up.

Subject: Venus
From: softballgirl411
Date: 06.15.2010

Okay, in Venus part one, what is that sign Craig flashed Ellie? If you don't want to let me know here then post this and tell me to give you my email address. None of my friends know. We are not fourteen. send your message to for a reply.boycottthecaf answered 4 days ago

Okay so basically  I copied and pasted this because I am lazy. Please reply.

It was the shocker. Craig was letting Ellie know that he wanted to put two fingers in her vagina and one up her pooper.

Subject: Skins - awesome show to review
From: Erin T
Date: 06.15.2010

Hey guys, You should review Skins. It's basically the British version of Degrassi, if Degrassi had balls. Pure drugs, sex, and partying. A teen show that actually lives up to its claim of being "edgy".

Some guy did advertising on the forum for Skins. I thought it was a weird idea since only six people go on our forum and his time probably could have been better used getting the word out by giving out flyers in the mall or calling random people from the phonebook and telling them about the show.