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Mailbag #28

Date: 06.22.2010
From: Kathy B
Subject: Agree about Buffy!


I love your Degrassi site! I can't stand the show sometimes, yet I can't stop myself from watching it. It's like a drug. A horribly written and horribly acted drug.

Anyway, in your review for the Twilight episode, you mentioned Buffy. I felt the need to email you and tell you I AGREE!! I loved Buffy when I was younger. I was obsessed with it and I thought it was the greatest thing on earth. Now that I watch reruns, I realize it's not that great at all. It's actually kind of crappy.

Keep up the good work! I love your site, it's hilarious. Please update character bios!! I'd love to read what you think about KC and all the other new dipshits.

I watched Buffy in middle school, so maybe it was due to my teenage brain still forming but, yeah, the magic is gone when I watch that show now. I think it's the monster-of-the-week thing. Those episodes get boring very fast. I mean, like three times a season, they would always be these demon or vampire that was so powerful it could destroy the world and Buffy would still defeat it in an hour, just like last week. There are still some episodes I can get into, such as the one where Buffy can read her classmates' minds, or the one with girl who feels so ignored she turns invisible, which both stepped out of the monster-of-the-week repetition.

Johnny has expressed intent to update the character pages, but has been busy. We don't talk as much as we used to after he went back in time to the mid 80s and had sex with my mother. He didn't know her maiden name, so he had no way of knowing who she was. I can't really get mad at him about it. It's just very weird to suspect that he might be my father. I mean, when we were younger, we used to practice kissing with each other. I shudder to think that I may have been making out with my father when I was 21.

Date: 06.29.2010
From: Face Jumper
Subject: Snake. Sn-sn-sn-snake. Spike. Sp-sp-sp-spike.

Hello. On the section of your site called "Degrassi: TNG Explained," you've written this:

"Emma (the activist) is the only daughter of Snake, a DJH/DH character who became pregnant in high school."

I thought I might remind you that Snake is Mr. Simpson. It's Spike who is Emma's mother. I'm sure it's just a minor brain fuck... or maybe you just got the two confused because they aren't real names. At any rate, I thought you might want to fix it if no one had pointed it out previously. Or if you know it's there, maybe you don't give a shit.

Also, I just read your newest episode reviews, and I really appreciated the part where you said Zane got into a random battle with a Tonberry. I wonder if you could go into the entertainment business and actually get paid for it. I see you have a donation button at the bottom of your page though... Maybe you make more money than I can even imagine.

When I made this account, I said my name was Face, but it isn't really. It's going to say this is from Face though... Also, my name's irrelevant, so I'll sign it Face anyway... Maybe my name really is Face...? I'm self-conscious and embarrassed by it.

Thank you for pointing out that error. You made me look like a total dipwad on my own website. I am not going to edit that mistake. I'll keep it in out of spite. As far as I am concerned, Snake has a uterus and is capable of giving birth and nursing a baby.

I would like to be able to go into any sort of business and get paid. Loving this recession right now.

Face would be a great name if you were a douchebag male R&B singer.

Date: 06.29.2010
From: thefarmersbrown
Subject: [No Subject]

not really sure who you are, but my sister has been crying all day about some email she sent you that you made fun of. i just wanted to congratulate you cause i hate the little bitch. and you're not like a creepy internet pedo right? cause im pretty sure insulting the kids is not the way to lure them in.

I don't know. Does going after 15-year-olds count as being a pedo? In some states that is totally the age of consent. Believe me, I have that information memorized.

Date: 07.01.2010
From: Lindsay P
Subject: [No Subject]

I noticed that your website doesn't have a character bio for one of the best characters on Degrassi, Adams. Your website has no Adams appreciation. I attached this video to show you what kind of Adams appreciation I am talking about,

Adams Anonymous

That is awesome. Normally, I avoid Degrassi fan videos like the black neighborhood, but this one made me laugh. That could grow into a viral video if Degrassi was popular. That uploader deserves Boycott the Caf's highest honor.

site award

By the way, you didn't attach that video, you linked to it. You would have attached it if you had uploaded the entire how-ever-many-megabyte video as a file in this email, where I would have deleted it because I would have assumed it was a virus.

Date: 07.06.2010
From: Chris H
Subject: .

Are you gay?

Gay for Jesus? You betcha!

Date: 07.06.2010
From: Tirzah B
Subject: Degrassi

Hey, unlike you guys, I'm no pro but it took me five years to finally realize that Degrassi plots are so very poorly constructed... I still kind of hooked on the plot though and watch for kicks. Anyway, love your reviews and gotta admire that work ethic (lol).

Degrassi is weird like that. They tend to do stories on topics a lot of other teen shows won't touch (menstruation, abortion, erections and penis pumps) so you can get fooled into thinking the show is really edgy and good. But, like Kiss and their costumes, it is just a fancy ploy to distract you from the truth that they kind of suck.

Date: 07.07.2010
From: Lauren L
Subject: How could anyone hate Degrassi?

It's impossible to hate a show that describes an episode in these terms.

ps love your Degrassi Truths

I don't think the writers or producers write the information used for TV listings. I don't know who does. Someone at the network, maybe? But I have noticed that different cable and satellite providers and TV listing websites will often have different summaries of the same episode. It boggles the mind, I tell you.

I have DirectTV, which describes "Can't Hardly Wait" (the Jimmy erection episodes) with just two words: "Physical realities". Ha! They also list the actors on every episode as Miriam McDonald [Emma], Cassie Steele [Manny], and Jake Goldsbie [Toby], even on the episodes produced after those actors left the show.

Date: 07.07.2010
From: Denon W
Subject: chat roulette

Dear Boycott the Caf,

I don't know if you've heard of chat roulette, but its pretty awesome. Instead of a webcam i have been using various pictures of degrassi characters (f.e. emmas first period, jimmys erection) and giving everyone your website address. so, if you get a rise in popularity, its becuase of me. singlehandedly. :)

I don't have a webcam. And, if I did, I wouldn't waste my time on a Russian chat program, that country sucks. I would be putting on solo sex shows for $3 an hour.

Thanks for promoting the site. Our hit counter is now at 488. It looks like after six years online, we may finally crack 500 hits. Go team!

Date: 07.08.2010
From: Kelsey D
Subject: Wisconsin

"Life with Louie takes place in Wisconsin. There is a really disproportionate amount of shows that take place in Wisconsin. Off the top of my head I can think of Happy Days, That 70s Show, Laverne and Shirley, and Step by Step. Considering the population of Wisconsin and the undesirability of its major cities its kind of odd how many shows feature it as a setting."

That paragraph was so painfully written by a bunch of kids who went to Michigan.


P.S. You guys are the shit and you make me laugh. I'm still holding out for Degrassi (and how could you not with Spinner's glistening arms making an appearance every episode).

Johnny and I are from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is full of Packers fans and everyone in the Lower Peninsula thinks we're part of Wisconsin, anyway, so we get a pass to make fun of your cow stink infested hick state.

Date: 07.13.2010
From: Hannah R
Subject: Declan and Fiona

So, I was watching early morning reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on The-N or TeenNick or whatever the channel is now, and a commercial came on for Degrassi Takes Manhattan, and suddenly Fiona kissed Declan. While part of me was disgusted, I was also quite happy in knowing that you guys were right about the two of them. It makes me feel as though you had some sort of influence on the Degrassi writers. Thank you for being awesome.

I am hoping that Fiona will force Holly J to compete with her to be Declan's girlfriend. Then I saw the commercial where Declan and Fiona kiss. Yeah, Degrassi goes there. Really, further than they should.

Declan and Fiona kiss

This screengrab is taken from a Youtube video of the commercial. I assure you that is Declan and Fiona. The video quality isn't great and it looks more like KC is kissing Toby.

I thought the implied incest with those two in season 9 was just my clever joke, but now I understand that the writers have been setting up for this kiss all season. The first time in five years the writers have actually planned ahead and it's all to lead up to a brother and sister making out.

I think one person's definition of going there is another person's definition of being desperate.

Date: 07.13.2010
From: false
Subject: fiona declan kiss

this is hilarious:

but the newest season 10 promo DOES include a kiss between Fiona and Declan [I am ashamed to admit to knowing this]

you guys were right on the money the entire time.

The incestual kiss resulted in a flood of messages (5) to me. I already had my say about the kiss. I would now like to say that Yahoo Answers is nuts and you can go to Yahoo Answer Fail for all of the madness.

Date: 07.13.2010
From: Kadie M
Subject: Just lettin' you know,

that Amy(candy bandits) doesn't die of alcohol poisoning. She's seen again in the episode where Emma goes to the ravine and gets gonorrhea from Jay. Amy also gets gonorrhea from him.

No, Amy died in season 3. Her twin cousin, Aimee, joined the show in season 4 and she is who got an STD from Jay's well worn penis. The same actress may have played both parts, but Amy definitely died. Aimee got gonorrhea.

Date: 07.14.2010
From: Denon W

Dear Billie,
Could you please finish the degrassi article called "Guide to Spinner's Hair"?
It would be greatly appreciated. :)
A. W.

I try, but it's hard to write an article about Spinner since I am not very good at typing with one hand.

Date: 07.16.2010
From: Linda T
Subject: Degrassi Goes New York's Single Worthwhile Moment

"I did boycott the caf because of it." -- Spinner


That wasn't a shoutout. That was just clumsy, out of place dialouge like we have come to expect from this show.
Date: 07.17.2010
From: Ivan R
Subject: my date with Jonathan George Dimarco on Degrassi

may i be your Girlfriend Johnny can i be your date i really like you alot and i always wanted you and i match up together to see you and i are the same match
my date with degrassi.

I was not sure whether you want to date Johnny DiMarco, the Degrassi character, or Johnny Dangerous, the Boycott the Caf writer. I assume it's the Degrassi character based on the subject line of your email. It's been a few years since we've gotten emails from people who thought we are an official Degrassi site. It used to be 14-year-old girls who wanted Craig's email. By those ladies are 18 now and have better things to do than watch Degrassi. After a while, those types of emails only came from non-English speaking counties like Belgium or Mexico. I guess foreigners were confused by the fact that we have been the most detailed Degrassi site for several years now.

We cannot get you a date with Johnny DiMarco. We are not the official Degrassi website. Also, he is a fictional character.

I see that this email was from someone named Ivan. Haha. You must be a homosexual who likes wee-wee up the buttsex.

Date: 07.17.2010
From: Monika S
Subject: [no subject]

So...I don't mean to seem like a stuck-up bitch that lives to point out errors,
On your article, "The Hottest Girls of Degrassi",
Above that Darcy broad, you wrote that she left Degrassi for that vampire show.
And above Nina Dobrev, you wrote that she's in a 90210 remake.
Flip them. That Darcy broad is on 90210 remake and Nina Dobrev is on that shitty vampire show.

Other then that, that's pretty much it, I think.
By the way, love the website. Wondering if you ever picked up that Johnny once called Principle Hasa..whatever "Principal Hotsauce"?

I don't watch anything on the CW, so it's a joke about how little I care about these former Degrassi bitches' new shows. I mentioned this before, but I have a little cousin who is big into Twilight. I've seen those movies, thought they were awful, so I most definetly don't want to watch Vampires Diaries, aka Mexican Twilight.

I was too young to have watched the original 90210 back in the 90s, and I am also too old to watch the new 90210 now. It's an odd age range to be in, I suppose, but it's more comforting to say that than to say I'm between 18-30 in this recession.

Date: 07.18.2010
From: dinosaurribs
Subject: BMW DVDs.

Hey guys!

I just started reading Boycott the Caf ( I love Degrassi like I love Twilight. They're both horrible train wrecks that I can't look away from.) and I read in your mailbag that you want people to go out and buy the Boy Meets World DVDs so we can get the better seasons. I just wanted to give you the heads up Lionsgate is going to be releasing the later seasons starting this Fall. So while you're crying yourself to sleep at night that you now have 48 new episodes of Degrassi to review at least you can look forward to soon having proof on DVD that Eric Matthews got dumber (and more awesome) as the show went on.

- Sara

Cool. If I ever have money again, I will be sure to buy those DVDs.

I think Eric got prettier as the show went on. Eric's hair was always pretty like a woman, so shiny and long, and he had such nicely plucked eyebrows. He really gave Topanga a run for her money.

Date: 07.18.2010
From: Shawna A
Subject: Teen Nick

Teen nick doesn't suck... you fucking do. You're so fucking lame u fucking pervert. You're  always looking at little teenage girls and u know why u think Teen nick sucks? Because your're old and senile! Aren't you like 30 now? Why are you still watching teen dramas? Don't u have a life.. No they're not bringing back pete and pete( whatever the fuck that is because i wasn't alive when it came out) or any of that other lame shit you want back because.......THEY SUCK. If u hate teen nick so much then....stop watching it you pervy wanker.

First, who in the hell take the time out of her life to defend a fucking television channel? Does your dad and the secretary he cheats on your mom with work for The N Teen Nick?

I'm in my 20s, honey, as are most of the actors who plays "teens" on shows that are not Degrassi. I guess if you are not 15, you are not allowed to watch TV. It's kind of funny that someone who was a little kid in the 00s wants to make someone who was a little kid in the 90s feel old. I actually like most teenagers/people born in the 90s that I know. About half of my siblings and cousins are in that age group and they are a lot of fun. I dislike it when I hear an older person bitch about teenagers today (I guess teens in the 60s and 70s were all super well behaved and never did anything stupid) because you know they also think people in their 20s are only slightly less stupid.

Also, we aren't going to have same-sex marriage become legal in the US until most everyone who was born in the 90s reaches voting age. Since almost every American born after 1975 favors making same-sex marriage legal, it's just a matter of waiting until enough of today's kids grow into voters and we can overwhelm the number of bigots in this country. But by the time you are old enough to vote, the person you are today will think you are an old hag.

Date: 07.20.2010
From: Caitlin D
Subject: The Battle of the Pretty Boys (my opinions and other shit(not that you care))

Declan screwed Jane too.. And Peter did Darcy at school. And they got detention or some shit?
And Declan's best girlfriend is Holly J because Jane wasn't really his gf just his fuck buddy...
Yes I think Declan wins for the Ever Considered Another's Needs? Becasue he broke up with his sister for Holly J I mean that must've been hard he was in tears. All those years of doing eachother he gave up..
Ahahahaha Wow I love you people!

Date: 07.22.2010
From: Emma M
Subject: Something I forgot....

I just emailed you about Skins and I forgot to mention this. Did you watch the new degrassi movie, Degrassi Takes Manhattan/The Heat Is On? Assuming you did, can you review it ASAP? While I was watching it I just kept thinking how funny your review would be of it because of Spinner's marraige to Emma. Oh, and that he mentions when he boycotts the caf in it too.
(my name actually is emma)

The New York movie will be reviewed as soon as the Hollywood movie is. Look forward to it in 2014.
Date: 07.25.2010
From: katty166
Subject: Chante

Okay so I was looking on the character page, and Chante was introduced in season 4???

So lets say she was a freshman then.

Season 4- freshman
Season 5- sophomore
Season 6 & 7- junior
Season 8 & 9- senior

But she's on the season 10 theme like.....what the fuck. I didn't see her graduate in Degrassi Takes Manhattan?? If she failed, shouldn't we know? I mean she's not that important yeah but come ON degrassi, you forgot about an entire character?

Also- wouldn't that mean she has been here longer than Peter?

what the hell

Degrassi includes a junior high and high school. This occured season 2 so the 8th and 9th graders could all stay together. I'm pretty sure Chante was introduced as a freshmen, though. I guess she is like Hazel, the plucky black girl in the background who stood in the background enough times that she was given a name. She has been on longer than Peter, but Peter has actually has lines on the show. What the hell, indeed.

Date: 07.26.2010
From: jamiexlynnerz
Subject: [No Subject]

c00t pixxx!!1!

Nah but to make up for it,

StefanBrogen: Man, it's muggy out. I feel like I've had twelve dirty sweat showers. Thought I'd share.

That is absolutely disgusting, kill him.

Well .. pointless email.

That first image link will not load for me because Tripod doesn't allow direct linking of images.

That second pict makes up for it. It is a picture of Shane Kippel and two other guys naked and covering their junk. I made it my computer wallpaper. By the way, I am using the computer at the public library.

Date: 07.27.2010
From: Angie C
Subject: I guess there are only so many young actors in Canada...

I think you should be made aware that Sav's little sister has a show on YTV here in Canada ( and so does that Adamo guy (

This is bad for Canada's youth.

The guy who plays Marco should not be allowed around little children. Not because he is gay but because he has the facial hair of a pedophile.