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Mailbag #31

Subject: Stuff
Sender: megan
Date: 01.02.2011

Okay I was reading mailbag number 30, and when you said," Johnny's gone man, Johnny's gone" , I realized that quote was from The Outsiders! You should review british skins, it's a pretty amazing show and all seasons are available on Netflix with streaming, they show lots of titties and theres a lesbian couple that makes out quite alot in season 4, I know whichever one of you is the guy would like that alot probably, and you'd probably wank to it too.

They made a British version of that new MTV show already? Wow, talk about uncreative. They should just show reruns of the original Skins in England instead of remaking a brand new show.

Subject: lovemail/threatmail
Sender: Breane
Date: 01.02.2011

Johnny and Billie!

I love Boycott the Caf, and I love that we share Spinner love. One fine piece of manmeat, he is.

You two review those movies or you'll lose a bunch of teeth. I want to know what you guys think of those shitfests.

pee-ess! I still watch new Degrassi because I think I'm just wanting it to get alot better, but deep inside, I know it won't - unless Spinner has a guest spot and punches Holly J directly in the face for me.

A Spinnerless world is a sad one to live in.


We decided we were going to review the movies together. Since making that decision we haven't seen each other in person. Coincidence?

Subject: Power Rangers
Sender: Jon
Date: 01.10.2011

Actually, that thing about Billy was funny because David Yost's gay in real life. And he was harassed about it on the show quite a bit. The producers apparently even interrogated cast members about their sexuality.

Funnily enough, in the "Forever Red" reunion special, there was originally a line about how Jason and Tommy were awkward, ever since Tommy read "those stories on the Internet". Apparently Americans aren't the only ones who noticed; I'm convinced that Kaoru piloting Eva Unit-02 from the outside was a reference to Tommy

I was following you until that last sentence.

I guess David Yost's homosexuality is what prepared him to play the gayest of Power Rangers.

Subject: Chinese Dinosaur Plant
Sender: Alex
Date: 01.14.2011


I am China dinosaur factory .Hope that you know our product more .Also hope that we can establish long-term cooperative relation.

User Manual

1. Examine all the interfaces.

2. Connected to the 220V AC power when all interfaces ready, turn the power switch and then products start to work.

3. There is an infrared sensors in the control box, it will going to standby when nobody come by after a regular working. When someone approach the infrared sensor, products will start to work----make sound and movements.

4. Please check and maintenance products on a regular time to ensure it can work normally.

Maintenance Steps

1. Machine does not work.

a. Make sure the voltage, motor voltage, single-chip voltage work well

b. Make sure single-chip works well)

c. When voltage works well, check whether the infrared sensors works well

2. When lack of several action/movements

a. First check whether the corresponding fuse works well.

b. Check whether corresponding output voltage works well

c. If no sound, check whether the positive, Amplifier works well: Whether chip of record voice 1760 of the 5V voltage work well and check the external circuit.

Remark: Please refer to the exhibits maintenance repair circuit of the above steps


video: Please watch download

Best regards


This is the most confusing email we have ever received.

Subject: Proposition pour échanges de liens
Sender: Emilie D
Date: 01.17.2011


Il me fait plaisir d'avoir cette opportunité de vous proposer un échange de liens pour améliorer le référencement de votre site.

Je me présente, je m'appelle Emilie Desrochers et mise à part le site je m’occupe du référencement de beaucoup d'autres sites de qualité. Je viens de visiter votre site et j'aimerais vous proposer un échange de liens qui saura vous intéresser.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter et je me ferais un plaisir de vous fournir plus de détails sur cette possibilité d'échange.


Mlle Emilie Desrochers

PS: I will be more then happy to communicate with you in English if needed

Communicating to us in English would probably help since we are an English speaking website.

Subject: so?
Sender: John
Date: 01.20.2011

Who ever you are. part of your article about post Power ranger activity. Thuy Trang was killed in a car accident, you mention, its just more proof asians can't drive.I been married to one for 21 years Jack, been living in Texas since 1998. Have lived in 4 different cities since coming here. Have driven to South Padre Island twice, Galveston once, all the way to Louisiana state line, and all the way west passed El Paso. I am not bull-shitting you one bit, my wife can drive better than 80% of the people in the state. Must be a Texas thing, rarely does anyone ever use their turn signal. They look right at you coming down a state highway 60m.p.h. and will pull right out in front of you. Driving,..?? Most of the people can take a lesson from a yankee, since I was born and raised in Michigan, the weather change doesn't bother me one damn bit! Rest of the true Texans, they freak out when it snows.

I am not knocking Texas overall, its the best state in the union

with the gun laws they have. Crime dropped when the concealed

carry permit started. I will stay in this state forever!

But you are "very" wrong about asians can't drive!

Everybody knows the only people we drive worse then Asian are Texans, and that's because Texans are always drinking.

Subject: To Ruthie
Sender: Riley Fuckoff
Date: 01.21.2011

Hello Ruthie. Thank you for reviewing the Degrassi Junior High episodes. I've e-mailed those other goofballs asking them to review them and they never did... Degrassi Jr. High is even funnier than the Next Generation, I think. And now I know at least 4 people in the world have watched the show! You, me, and my two sisters. I hope you continue to review more of them in the future, because your reviews are humorous. It's such a fun show to watch.P.S. My last name isn't really Fuckoff... I hope you don't delete this e-mail before reading it when you see that it's from "Riley Fuckoff." I was in a bad mood when I made this e-mail but I can't remember my passwords to my non-offensively named e-mails...Adios.~Hannah

I was going to say “If you like Ruthie's reviews then check out her website” and then have a link, but it appears her website is now just a way for her to get hired as a digital media artist, so it is no longer full of funny articles. Shucks. I guess that is why we are hosting her Degrassi Junior High reviews now.

Subject: degrassi reviews.....
Sender: Lindsey
Date: 01.24.2011

I want to review Degrassi with you too! I can't look away from this trainwreck and I stream it online. that makes me really pathetic I suppose. Also what happened to the tumblr for boycott the caf?

I don't know what Tumbldr is. I'm about five years behind the internet curve. I barely understand how Facebook works. Billie does all the technical work. Too bad she didn't answer the mail this month. If she had she could have answered your question. Thems the breaks sonny boy.

Subject: Celebration. Or suicide.
Sender: Joseph J
Date: 01.28.2011

So, scary news. But I just found out that Charlotte Arnold, the only person I don't want to stab on the show, won a Gemini (shitty canadian Emmy) in 2010 for season 9's "Somebody".


I don't understand what point you are trying to make.

Subject: Just so you know...
Sender: Lavaskie C
Date: 01.30.2011

I was reading a really old article titled "What I Did on Martin Luther King's Day", and at the end, it says a bit about the Black Power Ranger and how he is a black ranger played a black man. I just wanted to tell you that the Black Ranger was actually Korean. Yep, and he was still awesome. :P

Koreans are known for their dark skin and proudly wearing pendents shaped like Africa.

Sender: Tony
Date: 01.31.2011

In your review for degrassi's season 10 promo when you said that drew and riley would have hot gay man sex, that you wondered what terms apply for the two. Well here are the terms, riley would be what is known as a bear and drew would be a twink. Don't believe me? look it up on wikipedia Liked the review and your take

Riley isn't a bear because he isn't hairy. Bears are hairy gay men. Most bears would also probably be fatter than Riley.

Subject: I think I love you...
Sender: Marissa
Date: 02.05.2011 00:49

I am in love with your Degrassi Boycott the Caf blog. It's pretty much the funniest thing i've ever read and a lot of times I find myself just laughing uncontrollably because of the little side comments about the show. Is that weird? I hope you get this a lot... BUT ANYWAYS thanks for being so hilaarious and please don't ever stop writing as long as the show continues to run (which at this point is probably going to be forever).


P.S. I strongly agree that Liberty should be eaten by wolverines while Spinner kicks dog poo in her face. <3

True fans show their love by posting pictures of their boobies on our Facebook page.

Subject: It's important that you see this
Sender: Katrina
Date: 02.20.2011 case you don't want to click it, it's a blog where people submit their "secrets" about degrassi anonymously to this person. They're all really really laughable.

Sure I'll promote your Degrassi thing on the internet. Why not?