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Mailbag #32

Subject: I love Boycott the Caf and the other shows you review... but....
Sender: I Got Haxxed
Date: 03.01.2011

Hello Billie and Johnny and all the other people at Boycott the Caf!

Your website is awesome. I recently came across it after being in the dark about it for so many years. What a travesty! However, I throughly love looking at all the different, awesome, fun stuff that you guys have up. Degrassi is my absolute favorite because everything you guys say is 100% true and factual. Like the images Emma shows the class for her presentation on women and sexuality in the episode "PAIGE GETS DOUBLE TEAMED" also known as "Love My Way."

You guys review lots of shows. However, I do not see one show on your list, which is "Big Time Rush." Yes, I know this show is incredibly stupid. Ungodly stupid. Especially since I am from Minnesota and know that none of those little fags could ever make it as a hockey player here. Not one of them. I would first lay out the girly looking one with the Bieber hair and the eyeliner, and then I'd ask "WHO'S NEXT?"

I should be ashamed at the fact that I am a 26 year old female and might have to register as a sex offender because of my obsession with this show. But anyway, you guys should look into reviewing this show so I can get some sick jollies from reading the perverted, yet gratifying things you have to say.

Keep up the awesome work with BtC, as it also gives me sick jollies.

Much love

I have never seen and will never see Big Time Rush. I feel embarassed enough by the amount of iCarly I've watched.

Date: 03.10.2011
From: Denon W
Subject: You're not fooling anyone!

If Adam wants people to think he's a boy, then he should stop acting like such a fucking girl all the time! Quit dressing like a girl, walking like a girl, talking like a girl, and quit giggling and giving girly advice. And drinking lattes with clare doesn't help. It's like he's not even trying anymore. Anyone with eyes can tell you have a vagina.

All those traits you described really don't make Adam any more girly than most teenage boys these days, especially the sissy boys who attend Degrassi. In fact, Adam is still many times more manly than Eli.
Date: 03.14.2011
From: Matthew D
Subject: Eli=Shawn Hunter

Have you guys noticed how hard Eli (Ellie) tries to be Rider Strong when he acts? Keep Shawn Hunter in your mind next time you watch a scene with him in it, and you'll see how much he's trying to be Shawn.

I think Eli is closer to Cory, because both of them are whiny weiners who are with girls who are too hot for them. The thing that always bugged me about Boy Meets World was how unlikable Cory was. Topanga could have done way better. Topanga should have been Shawn, he was a hottie. Instead she ends up with a boy who was slamming doors in her face and telling her to fuck off. I guess Topanga finds neurotic whiners to be incredibly sexy.

Date: 03.25.2011
From: Maria D
Subject: hiii

Hiii. I've been going to your website for years now, I love it! I was just wondering if there was any chance you could possibly send me the origionals of all the Jessica Tyler pics you've posted? I run a degrassi blog, so you know. I don't know if there's any way you could but if you did I'd be enternally grateful.

From a lifetime Fan,

I'm sorry, but the Jessica Tyler photos were provided to me by a confidential informant who is only known to the world as Fuzzy Dunlop. Giving the photos to any other person would betray they trust I have worked very hard to establish with Mr. Dunlop. A webmaster is only as good as her CI.

Date: 04.04.2011
From: Iwona M
Subject: Degrassi does the world good?

So I was reading somewhere that while shooting Degrassi Shane Kippel lost 50 pounds and got into the shape that he is in now. This is probably the only good that Degrassi has ever done for the world.

He did go from being chubby in season 1 to buff in season 2. I don't think he lost weight for the show, because the Degrassi producers didn't cast based on looks back then. I think he did what a lot of chubby boys do, they end up being becoming really buff teenagers. Or they get fatter and play with their man boobs every Saturday night.

Date: 04.06.2011
From: Allyson F
Subject: my first time writing in..

So let me start off by saying I love you guys. Just like ditch-diggers, SOMEONE needs to do the job of calling out the big pile of steaming manure that I for some reason have subjected myself to and now feel obligated to watch. You guys are hilarous and everytime you post something new it gives me a happiness boner (almost) as big as Spinner's and just as eager. I've never won any sort of contest in my life, so I'm on my knees like Bianca in heat begging you guys...please let me win just once. I'd even frame the notes, no lie.

I should have told people to not mention the contest when they emailed to enter the contest. We've gotten six whole emails since the contest began, so the contest has led to an impressive increase in the volume of e-mail we recieve.

Date: 04.11.2011
From: Julia B
Subject: [No Subject]

So, I've heard about the new casting and 3 things about that. 1) technically, Anya, Sav, Holly j, Fiona, Declan (though he has already magically disappeared) Chante (finally), Zane and Riley should be graduation. And though they tried with peter and spinner I think they've realized that working at the dot doesn't work full time so unless someone fails then they should be gone. 2) didja notice Katie's bff is Marisol, that girl Riley tried to grope when he was trying super hard to be straight? she was in like 2 episodes but apparently she's
back. 3) I'm sure that juvie to uber christian Fitz will get a place in the opening sequence too. oh and short three tenor boy Dave's less short gf who's name I don't know, I bet she makes it. and she's a freshman so they'd be prepping for years to come.

p.s. At least Mr. Simpson doesn't have a water skiing club at Degrassi, and last I checked he has yet to explode any computers! 

1) Those kids should all be graduating college by now.

2) I don't know who Katie is. Also, her name's not Marisol, it's Clearasil. That's how I heard it.

3) Don't care.

4) Is that a Saved by the Bell reference?

Date: 04.16.2011
From: arcanum
Subject: [No Subject]

yo and hello, btc,

if you had to choose a current degrassi character that you each relate most closely to, who would it be and why? which current character would be your mortal enemy

I don't know. I dislike most of the characters and feel like this is one of those questions I get on job interviews that I can't come up with a good answer for and spend the next few minutes vocally stumbling around. I suppose my answer would be that sometimes I try too hard.

Date: 04.28.2011
From: Richard C
Subject: Thank You

Thank you I thought the internet was dead until I stumbled upon your site,I now have hope for the internet.

Maybe this internet isn't going to be a passing fad after all.