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Where Are They Now: The Drew Carey Show

From 1995 until 1999 the cast of The Drew Carey Show delighted trillions of fans every week or day depending on syndication schedule in your area. Truly the compelling comedy chemistry of the actors was a huge part of the show's success. After the show ended in 2004 fans were asking one another "I wonder what they are going to do now." Five years later we look at where they are.

Drew Carey

Immediately after the end of The Drew Carey Show Drew Carey, the man behind the title, continued his work with improv. Not that he did improv very often or well, but he did host Whose Line is it Anyways and the very unsuccessful Drew Carey's Green Screen, which was basically Whose Line is it Anyways but in front of a green screen which added distracting special effects.

Eventually the great improv fad of the mid 200s ended and all of Drew Carey's improv related shows were cancelled, being replaed by reality shows about people who were famous in the 80s. Drew Carey hung on to his lively hood however, forming the Improv Allstars, a group of performers from his former shows that would travel the country providing mild entertainment at various college campuses with a low entertainment budget.

Sometime in the year 2007 Drew Carey realized the writing was on the wall for his comedy career. For one thing he wasn't funny, also his gimmick has always been that he was a blue collar working man's kind of comedian. Its hard to continue that persona when you are a millionaire TV star.

Drew Carey decided to follow fellow comedians Howie Mandel and Bob Saget and get himself a game show. The Power of Ten aired later that year but was soon cancelled since nobody could ever figure out how it worked. The Power of Ten in reality was actually a test to see if Drew Care was up to the challenge of being a game show host. After wetting his chops Carey was offered the role of Bob Barker on The Price is Right. It made perfect sense, old people love The Price is Right and Drew Carey looks like he is from the 50s. Drew Carey's inherent unisexual nature would also mean the producers could stop worrying about sexual harassment suits from the models.

Kathy Kinney

We all know Kathy Kinney as the lovable Mimi Bobeck. This overweight sexually aggressive woman who did everything in her power to make Drew Carey's life a living nightmare that he could never wake from. Chances are we will continue to know her as this as her post The Drew Carey Show career is very leisurely to say it kindly. Remember her three episode appearance on The Secret Life of the American Teenager how about her three episode appearance on My Name is Earl? To date she has only done one episode of The Penguins of Madagascar but I bet two more are in the works.

Word on the net is that Kathy Kinney will step into the role of Madame Horrible in the Broadway play Wicked, a musical based on The Wizard of Oz. It remains to be scene if she will make more then, less then, or exactly three appearances in this play.

Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles has had a variety of TV spots since the end of The Drew Carey Show. The most prominent being the returning role of Dr. Herb Melnick on Two and a Half Men. Ryan Stiles was not ready for this role as it required the audience to believe a woman wants to have sex with him, but he took it anyways and played it with mild success. The fate of Ryan Stile's role, and the fate of the show itself is in question after Charlie Sheen went crazy and threatened to murder his wife. He apparently took the his show's crossover with CSI a little too seriously.

Don't think CBS is the only avenue of revenue for Mr. Stiles. He also has a budding film career, making appearances in Astro Boy as the awesomely named Mr. Mustachio and in the Australian flop The Extra. The Extra became the first Australian film to receive a general release in the People's Republic of China since Crocodile Dundee partially through Ryan Stiles careful negotiations with Chinese officials and partially due to it being the first Australian movie made since Crocodile Dundee.

It acting wasn't enough you can add business owner to Ryan Stiles' resume as the founder of the Upfront Theater the northwest's most popular improve theater beating literally a competitor for that title.

Christa Miller

Drew CareyUnlike other cast members who clung to The Drew Carey Show like the passengers on the Titanic after all the lifeboats were gone, Christa Miller jumped ship before the show had completely sunk to the bottom of the ratings. She left at the beginning of the eight season (the last season of the show to be aired in the fall) and took a reoccurring role on Scrubs. This was due to her acting abilities; not because her husband was a writer and co-producer of Scrubs. After Scrubs was cancelled Christa Miller got a role on Cougar Town. Once again based solely on her acting abilities, not because the show was created and produced by her husband.

Cougar Town reunited Christa Miller with Courteny Cox who had done work on Scrubs. Courteny Cox definitely got the role based on ability, not because she is sleeping with Christa Miller's husband. Cougar Town also reunited Christa Miller with Ian Gomez, who had a role on The Drew Carey Show. He got the role because he was sleeping with Christa Miller's husband.

Diedrich Bader

The former Oswald has a fairly successful career going for himself, mostly as a voice actor. He's been in four different Batman cartoons. Bitching. He even voices Batman. Like other former Drew Carey Show cast members he did work on The Penguins of Madagascar. He was also on 7th Heavan where he played T-Bone's dad. That's about the coolest name for a character ever. He also has been on two CSIs, I assume as the same character. So no jokes here, this guy has his career all together.

Craig Ferguson

Well, Diedrich Bader is going to be a tough act to follow. After all, he was in an Air Buddies movie. Let's see what this Craig Ferguson character has been up to. He left the show in 2003, but still came back from time to time when his character was being featured. Sounds to me like he couldn't stay away, minus five points right there.

Let's see what else. Craig Ferguson written and starred in three movies, but these all occurred while he was still working at The Drew Carey Show. After leaving the show he hasn't created any moviesWhat's the matter? Couldn't get any work in Hollywood after the gravy train was over? Nobody would touch your damaged goods would they? Oh sure you could argue his movie career wasn't completely dead since he was in movies like Niagara Motel, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and How to Train Your Dragon but if you ask me those movies sound stupid and I will judge them as stupid despite never seeing them.

Mr. "I think I'm too good for everybody" has also written some books. Nobody reads anymore jerk store. Thumbs down.

He is also in charge of some show called The Late Late Show. I've never heard of this show. I bet nobody has. Its probably gay, like it is on HBO and documents the life of gay British people in Hollywood and how nobody likes them so they become male strippers as depicted aboce. If anybody has heard of this mystery show let me know because I bet it sucks. Wait, I know it sucks.

Fuck you Craig Ferguson. You think your too high and mighty to respond to fan mail, and then when your biggest fan decides to buy a very expensive plane ticket to sneak off to Hollywood and see you you then make fun of him at the restaurant he followed you to just because he has a picture of you tattooed to his chest and a tattoo that says "JD + CF BFFs Fo4ur ever" on his should blades. I guess you are too high and mighty to think about their feelings or how difficult it is to get tattoos removed. You're all like "You're the person who was stalking around my house last night scaring my wife, please leave," no you leave. You leave to hell!

F! F for fuck you Craig Ferguson!

Drew Carey