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Boy Meets World: "Boy Meets Girl"

Season 1 Episode 21
Airdate: May 6, 1994

Boycott the Caf name: "First Date"
Issue of the Week: Hormones

Boy Meets World 121 Boy Meets World 121

In Feeny's class, the kids are watching an old film strip that teaches them about their oncoming hormone rush and how it will make them all want to fuck each other. It's the called "The Hormonal Telegram" and sounds like it is narrated by Shawn. That is the way to go because, even at 13, Shawn will know more about hormones than most people. I would have preferred if the film was narrated by Uncle Jesse. After all, he has more knowledge of women than any gynecologist. Full House was also on ABC at the time, and, like Boy Meets World, is set in that crazy TGIF universe, so he will be able to prepare the children for situations that will be unique to them as characters in a family sitcom.

"Hi kids, I'm Jesse Katsopolis, and yes, my hair is even sweeter in real life. Right now you kids are in the first season of your life. But over the next four to six years, you're going to grow up right before our eyes and, on a weekly basis, do and feel all sorts of new things you've never experienced before. For the next seven hours--there will be no bathroom breaks--I'm going to show you what to do in common, everyday life situation such as when your best friend likes the girl you like; when you want to go on a date, but your dad made plans to take you fishing that day; and how to juggle two prom dates on the same night. These experiences may feel stressful at the time but, remember, you'll always have time to laugh as well as learn along the way."

The scene is weird because the laugh track machine gives off some hoot and hollering when the camera shows Topanga. I find that inappropriate. She's 12 right now. The show quickly makes up for it when Shawn says, "I got your Morse Code right here" and then makes an armpit fart.

Cory is disgusted by the film and vows to avoid hormones by any means. I applaud this move. Pre-pubescent Cory is just so cute and adorable. Teenage Cory is kind of hard to look at.

Shawn does not agree with his flaky friend because he suddenly likes a girl named Rachel. She likes him back. She thinks he has pretty hair. I like how Shawn became girl hungry as soon as the film ended. Feeny brought out that film strip at just the right time.

In the lunchroom, Shawn asks Cory how to ask a girl out. "Simple," Cory says. "You open the door and say 'Get out, you're bothering me.'" Cory really hates girls, even just when they try to speak to him. Minkus does not like Cory's attitude and says to the boys, "Girls are soft, caring, gentle creatures of nature." Minkus will murder several women in the park when he is 32.

Rachel asks Shawn to the movies. Shawn starts giggling because something is happening to his body and he doesn't know what it is. Shawn just got his first erection.

Boy Meets World 121

Shawn goes on his date, but we only see when he comes back to Cory's house to talks about it with Eric, Cory's older brother. I think ABC only gave the show enough money in the first season to film in Cory's house or that one section of the school. Shawn explains that he snuck into the movie. This makes him sound like a rebel, but of course he wouldn't pay, he is far too poor to afford a movie ticket. "I could really make you into something," Eric says. Eric is pleased, but says Shawn is still an amateur. Eric likes hanging with younger kids because he gets to act cool. I bet everyone in high school thinks he's a loser, but at least he can look impressive around 6th graders. Eric is the Cory of his class. Speaking of which, Cory pops in but Eric does not want to talk to him. "Hang on a minute Cory," Eric says, "this is guy stuff." Eric would rather have Shawn as a little brother.

By the way, what is up with Shawn's hair this episode? Locks of it keep on getting in his face. Maybe he's still learning about hair care. He has such awesome hair that it must have taken him another year to reach the age where he could properly handle its power. I can relate; from age 10-13 I had head lice and never even noticed.

Boy Meets World 121

Cory is jealous about Shawn having courted a female, so he goes to Minkus for help for some reason. Maybe Cory wants to start dating Minkus as kind of 'dating a girl, but with training wheels' sort of thing. Minkus advices Cory to just ask out the first person he sees in a dress. Cory goes into radar mode and quickly locks on to Topanga. He asks her what is up.

"Mercury is in retrograde," she replies,"making projects hard to complete and causing general chaos in the universe." I think she is talking about her period. When I was in junior high, lots of girls read horoscopes every day. I didn't know why at the time. I hated to think that they believed in astrology. Now I know that they were new to having periods and thought the positions of the stars affected their cycles. It's all that Moon they give girls around age 11.

Cory's parents ask him about his upcoming date with Topanga. His mom asks if he only asked her out because Shawn already went on a date. Cory's dad warns him against dating women because they will drain the life out of you. Cory's dad is not happy with his marriage.

Boy Meets World 121

Cory calls Topanga to cancel the date by pretending to have come down with the flu. That just makes Topanga come to his house with a Thermos full of some kind of hippie home remedy that Topanga says will detoxify his aura. Topanga's family does not believe in traditional medicine. No member of Topanga's family has lived past the age of 50. Cory admits that he is not really sick but was just scared because he is not ready to date. Topanga is fine with that, but does not leave.

Cory has been shooting baskets with the laundry. Topanga wants to join in and grabs Cory's underwear! Yeah! Now it's a date. Cory learns to relax and the two kids play around.

Boy Meets World 121

Later, Eric and Sean quiz Cory about his date. This brings up something I had issue with when I began watching this show. I would have trouble telling Eric and Shawn apart. They look similar and weren't in the same scene very often. I guess I though that Cory's borther was also his best friend and would either support him or insult him on a whim. As evidence by my Degrassi reviews, you can tell I have some trouble keeping track of who characters are.

Grade: B-