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Boy Meets World: "Band on the Run"

Season 2 Episode 8
Airdate: November 11, 1994

Boycott the Caf name: "Rock 'n Roll"
Issue of the Week: Forming a band without having any talent--The Nickleback Method

Boy Meets World 208

Cory is asking girls out to the dance. He is putting all the joy and effort into this of someone who doesn't actually like girls and is just going through the motions until he turns 18 and can move to Greenwich Village to find himself. With Cory's lack of enthusiasm, no girl wants to go to the dance with him.

But then some guys with guitars ask the boys to watch their equipment while they go poop or something. Suddenly, two girls notice Cory and Shawn, thinking they are in a band. The boys like the attention and go along with this lie. When the two real musicians come back to collect their instruments, the girls think they are Cory and Shawn's roadies.

This makes me wonder what those two musicians were doing there. They look like adults but are hanging around a clubhouse that is full of 7th graders. Were they using their guitars to pick up underage girls? I would say yes.

Boy Meets World 208

Cory and Shawn want to pretend that they are in a band, so they carry empty guitar cases to school the next day. Kurt Cobain did the same thing in high school and couldn't really play guitar either. The two girls from before are impressed and ask them to play a song. The boys say they cannot play for them because their drummer just died. Instead of learning how to play guitar, Cory and Shawn prepared for this by watching Spinal Tap.

Topanga approaches Cory and asks if she has to take him to the dance. Cory tells her that she doesn't have to be his beard that night and may go with a boy she is interested in instead. Topanga only exists when she is useful to Cory. I think she disappears when Cory isn't looking at her. Topanga is the Hobbes the Cory's Calvin.

Boy Meets World 208 Boy Meets World 208

Cory and Shawn hold tryouts for additional members of their nonexistent band. They do not chose the kid who can play guitar or the awesome monks. Instead, they select two other people who also cannot play instruments. It's all part of their sick, twisted plan.

Boy Meets World 208

Cory's dad picked up a guitar amp at a yard sale. Cory's dad was in a band back in the 60s and wants to relive those memories. He says his band was about social protest and fighting the establishment. So yeah, mostly they just sat around and smoked pot. Cory's mother and Topanga should get together for coffee sometime. They can talk about what it is like to stand on the sidelines and react to the crazy schemes of the Matthews men. Though calling Cory a "man" is stretching the term to the point where it has no real meaning. Let's just say, to the best of our knowledge, Cory probably has a Y chromosome, and leave it at that.

Boy Meets World 208

Mr. Feeny announces to the students that the band that was supposed to perform for the dance, Demon Seed, has cancelled. Feeny will replace them with a tape of a band that plays Caribbean music. The kids demand live music. Feeny points out that the tape is a recording of a live concert and he doesn't know any other bands. Oh, Feeny, you're such a square!

Feeny only really listens to Demon Seed and not much else.

Those two girls that are horny for Cory and Shawn recommend their (fictional) band play at the dance. Ut-oh!

Boy Meets World 208 Boy Meets World 208

Cory and Shawn go to the dance without a plan. The two guys they added to the band also disappeared. The boys try to stall by posing with their guitars, until the crowd rebels and boos them. The students walk out on them and the dance is ruined.

Cory and Shawn should have just claimed to be a punk band and started randomly playing chords. If they are a punk band, they can get away with sounding awful because that is the point. It was the mid-90s, the grunge rock movement had led to a revival of interest in punk rock so they could pull it off.

But the boys don't go that route and have to sit in the empty dance room like losers. They are so down that Feeny laughs at them.

Boy Meets World 208

Meanwhile, Cory's dad reunites with his old band mates, in his living room because the show has a limited budget for sets. They jam to an oldies tune and do not get a noise complaint from the police.

Fun fact: the actors who play Cory's dad's former band mates are all musicians from the 60s and 70s. One guy is from Cheap Trick, another was a Monkee and I don't know who the third guy is. TGIF sitcoms had a habit of bringing on guest stars who were famous to Baby Boomers but would be unrecognizable to the kids who actually watched these shows.

Anyway, after his friends go back to their wives, Cory's dad realizes he is not the skilled musician he thought he was and decides to buy a motorcycle to settle his mid-life crisis. Cory's mom says it wasn't his music that made her attracted to him way back when, it was his giant cock. They then go have sex. That is not my joke, she actually implied they would have sex (and she would be the dominate one).

Grade: B