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Boy Meets World: "Sister Theresa"

Season 2 Episode 10
Airdate: November 25, 1994

Boycott the Caf name: "Cory Dates a Mobster's Daughter"
Issue of the Week: Dating

Boy Meets World 210 Boy Meets World 210

Cory's mom brings home three bags of groceries. Cory does not help her because he is warming his socks in the microwave. Cory's mom drops one of the bags, but that's her own fault. She should have left one bag in the car and gotten it after she set down the first two. Cory then dips his celery straight into a new jar of peanut butter. This annoys his mom, who doesn't understand where he learned such a habit. Cory's dad comes in from the living from while eating celery from a jar of peanut butter instead of helping her grocery shop. Cory's mom is going to kill them one day.

Boy Meets World 210 Boy Meets World 210

Cory's mom told him to be more polite. Cory gives that a try by picking up a girl's books. The girl stares at his ass and decides he is dating material. Her name is Theresa and she intimidates Cory because she is very aggressive while Cory is a pansy. She makes him turn around one more time so she can check out his behind again. She approves and writes her phone number on his hand, which makes Cory cry and wet his diaper.

Boy Meets World 210 Boy Meets World 210

Theresa really likes Cory for some reason (his butt). She transfers to Cory's homeroom, where Cory and Shawn and a whole bunch of grunge kids are taught by Mr. Turner, the cool motorcycle driving English teacher. He allows Theresa to transfer because she wears a short skirt--a flannel skirt. All students in Mr. Turner's room must wear flannel.

Boy Meets World 210 Boy Meets World 210

Theresa showers Cory with gifts. She sends him a wreath of flowers and a clown made out of candy. Cory's little sister enjoys this. I am kind of surprised to see her on screen. I started watching the show in the later seasons when Cory's family was gradually phased out, so I usually think of Cory as an only child or an orphan. His sister disappears for a pretty much the whole next season.

A tough sounding Italian looking man delivers several boxes full of meat, courtesy of Theresa. Cory's dad think that's sweet but I doubt they have enough freezer space for three boxes worth of steak.

Boy Meets World 210 Boy Meets World 210

Theresa is pissed. The flower store was supposed to send Cory roses instead of a wreath. Theresa takes over the payphone in the hallway and yells at her flower guy, Tony. "Do I got to come down there myself and straighten you out?" she threatens. Also, Frankie and Joey are intimidated by Cory now. Usually they are his bullies. Also, Harley Keiner is treating him like a good buddy. Harley usually calls him a baboon and doesn't do much else, so Cory is terrified of the man.

What is going on?

Mr. Feeny questions Cory about vandalism on the lockers. Someone (Theresa) spray painted "TK Loves CM." I am a pervert, so I originally read that as "TK Loves Cum." Cory is intimidated, so he kind of tries to break up with her. Not really, though; Cory is too much of a sissy to say it out loud, but Theresa understands.

Boy Meets World 210

Later, in home room, Mr. Turner has to run out of class on news his motorcycle, which he loves more than any woman, was run over. Harley and his gang tells everyone else to leave the room, except for Cory. Harley is about to beat the shit out of Cory because, as it is revealed, Theresa is Harley's younger sister.

OK, that explains it. Theresa is a mobster's daughter. Those flowers and other gifts were from the businesses Theresa's dad shakes down for protection money. She is so aggressive and confident because her father taught her that the only way to get through life was to intimidate people and take what she wants.

Harley orders Cory to date his sister. He assumes Cory is gay and won't try to put the moves on her. Harley warns Cory that if he does not date Theresa, his next date will be with Franky. And Franky is not a gentle lover.

Boy Meets World 210 Boy Meets World 210

Franky chaperones their date at the drive in theater. Franky is the lieutenant in Harley's crew. Theresa comes on to Cory while Shawn looks on from the car window. Shawn was hoping to watch them make out. Franky and Theresa leave the car to get snacks, and Shawn offers to let Cory date him instead. Only as a way out of this mess only, of course.

Theresa returns. She tells the story of how her dad, the Don, took her to a baseball game but then abandoned her to sex up one of his goomars. Harley was the person who rode his bike all the way to thestadium to pick her up. So you see, Harley is not such a bad guy. Also, his real name is Harvey, but Harley is embarrassed about this. I don't know why. Harvey is a cooler name for a guy than Harley. I suppose not if you like motorcycles, but I think of Harley as a girl's name, because the only person I have ever heard of who had that name is the Joker's girlfriend.

Theresa comes on strongly to Cory. Just then, Harvey sees them not quite making out and wants to kick Cory's ass. But Theresa beats Harley up and then rapes Cory.

Boy Meets World 210

Cory hides in his locker during the next school day out of fear of Harley. He should have just faked being sick, but whatever. Shawn drops off his notes from class, which are just doodles and tic-tac-toe. Shawn plays tic-tac-toe by himself.

Harley and his crew find Cory in the locker. Harley wants to kill Cory for touching his sister while they were on a date, but Cory pleads with him by saying that Theresa came on to him. Hearing Cory insinuate that his sister has a sex drive makes Harley want to beat him up more. But there is a whole row of guys who can testify that, yeah, Theresa is kind of a slut. This troubles Harley. He pretty much raised his sister (which explains why she is so loose). He does not harm the young Matthews boy and allows him to continue to date Theresa. Theresa has an insatiate sexual appetite and being with Cory practically makes her a lesbian, so she'll be safe from real men at least.

Boy Meets World 210

The last scene is of Theresa having dinner with the Matthews family. Theresa tries to act like a well mannered young lady, which means speaking like a mentally challenged person and wearing an Amish woman's dress. Theresa has given the family lobsters from the seafood shanty her dad uses as a front. One of the lobsters is missing a claw, which sends Theresa into an outrage, but she quickly calms down because she does not want to make a scene in front of Cory's family. She will, however, give the lobster fisherman who sent her that lobster a severe beating later on.

It looks like Cory and Theresa are off to a great relationship. Theresa will never be seen on the show again.

Grade: B

This episode is gold for two reasons. 1. Cory dating a mobster's daughter. 2. Cory being made the bitch in the relationship.