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Tiny Toon Adventures: "Prom-ise Her Anything"

Season 1 Episodes 17
Airdate: October 8, 1990

Tiny Toon Adventures is a better show than Degrassi: The Next Generation. It has better writing, acting, jokes and even addresses the problems of the average teenager better. Remember in high school when your autistic friend needed a lamp? No because that’s dumb. The story of being afraid to ask somebody to prom because you can't dance however happened so often in 80s sitcoms that it must be based on reality.

Tiny Toon episodes come in three varieties:

1. Episodes that have one story for the entire half hour These are the best because the amount of time available means that they are able to develop a story and base the jokes around it.

2. Episodes that feature three shorts based on a theme. While these are not as good as the one story episodes the established theme at least lends itself to some possible running gags plus it is a chance to see minor characters put into the spotlight which is a blessing or curse depending on if you like that character or not

3. Episodes which are three shorts with no theme. These suck. My hypothesis is that after making these shorts they realized they were terrible but didn't want to waste them. Threw them together with other horrible shorts and went home early.

The episode begins with Go Go Dodo coming out of the clock to say “Coocoo coocoo, junior prom time drives you coocoo” before dancing through the halls of the school doing a comedy routine. One question that has haunted me about Tiny Toons is their age. In my mind a university is a college, but those on the show are clearly not college age, yet some of them don't live with their parents. This song establishes them as juniors in high school attending some sort of performing arts high school.

The mystery of their parents can be explained as a narrative device. For Plucky Duck, Elmyra and Hampton episodes where they appear to not have parents is because the parents are unnecessary to the plot. The parent's absence is to establish that for that particular story the character is acting independently from the family unit.

Babs is always depicted as having a family because her need for attention stems from her large number of siblings. Babs has never received as much attention from her parents as she has wanted, which causes her to constantly act out, doing impressions, loud comedy bits, constant jokes, its all because her parents didn't give her enough attention.

Fifi has no parents because she is a teen runaway. Montana Max has no parents because they died, leaving him their vast fortune.

Now, Buster Bunny is a strange case. He has no suitable explanation for being emancipated, yet no parents are ever shown. Maybe he struck out on his own after he deafened an opponent and had to flee another city years ago before getting on student well fare. Maybe when he created the world in the first episode he just didn't want parents. I have my own theory

Buster and Babs are attracted to one another, there is no doubt about that. My theory proposes that Buster is in fact one of Babs's siblings. After falling for one another under the same roof they knew their love was true, however, the stigma of incest hung over them. To fight this Buster moved out secretly in the middle of the night. The parents with so many children never noticed. He took what little money he had saved up and began renting a hole in the ground place. Babs's regularly comes over to engage in acts that have been depicted many times on the internet. This explains why Buster has no parents and why they have the same last name.

I think I kind of forgot I was reviewing an episode there for awhile. I did once have a totally separate article in the works that never got finished where I talked about Buster and Babs being siblings. This was years ago so I've been kicking that incest idea around for awhile now. The article was going to be a Hollywood insider magazine parody about Tiny Toons. There was also a story about Hampton that somehow worked Monk into the whole thing. You know, because they both like things clean. There is a reason I never finished that one.

Babs is expecting Buster to ask her to prom, but Buster is afraid to because he cannot dance. He also appears to not have known that there is dancing at the prom until Go Go Dodo sang a hoedown about that fact.

A week later Babs is still lamenting about how Buster hasn't asked her out. Elmyra explains that you need to take the initiative if the boy of your choice won't proactively pursue you, but she says so more retardidly. She then uses a quarter and a cage to nab her date of choice Montana Max. As the only male human in the school it was either go with him or become a furrie, which oddly enough Elmyra isn't in to. Its never the ones you suspect.

Speaking unsuspected love, Hampton asks out Fifi. Why does the pig who is obsessed with cleanliness to the point that he gets compared to Monk by brilliant comedy writers want to go out with a skunk? Because it is the ultimate taboo.

Hampton and Fifi's PDA makes Bab go insane and she decides to go home and sit next to the phone so she doesn't miss Buster's call because obviously he will ask he out, he is just shy and will ask her out over the phone.

First Babs gets a phone call from the president of the United States but she tells him to suck a chode she needs to keep the line open Well, she didn't actually tell him to suck a chode, its a kid cartoon. I bet she would have told him to suck a chode in a hilariously randomly wacky accent. Then there is a montage of her doing a ton of stuff to pass the time only for it to be a very little amount of time that actually passes. South Park would later do this joke in the episode where Cartmen tries to freeze himself while waiting for the Wii to be released only to end up in the future *spoilers*

The reason Buster hasn't called Babs seven minutes after school got out is because he is in the school's film vault researching how to dance. Maybe he hasn't been to a school dance before but as long as you can hold the person and turn in a circle then you are cool. After watching a Bugs Bunny movie where Bugs Bunny does a silly dance Buster decides he is ready.

Bugs Bunny walks in and sees his young protege is going to use gag dances to try to impress a date. He knows he must be on hand to make sure this debacle never occurs.

After waiting so long Babs is literally climbing the walls. Also she is wearing lederhosen with no shirt.

Buster better come by so he can see those tiny pink titties

Astronaut Jones? You get out of here!

Finally Buster comes by to ask Babs out. Babs is still pissed, but like all women she is fooled into forgiveness by an apology and a flower.

There is an episode where Babs is bummed at the lack of role models for her in classic Looney Tunes. Can you imagine how Mary Melody (the black chick) feels? The closest thing she gets to a role model are characters who are no longer politically correct. She isn't even allowed to star in her own cartoons. During the Buster Bunny Bunch episode she was part of the Buster Bunny Bunch but when they spun a wheel to see which Buster Bunny Bunch member would get to star in a short her face wasn't even on the wheel. They didn't even pretend like there was a possibility the black chick could have a cartoon. That’s cold.

Mary Melody as part of the coverage for the prom asks Montana Max who he is taking to prom. Montana calls the prom wussy and babyish and declares that he shall not be going but then Elmyra jumps in. She puts him in a bear hug until he agrees to go to the prom with her. This is how I ended up going to the prom with a 400 pound Samoan boy named Rowdy.

After being let go Elmyra starts dancing and talking about how happy she is for prom. In the background Montana Max, in disguise, hails a truck. When the truck stops he throws the driver out the window, leaves some dollar bills on him, and steals the truck. I love this joke. Knocking a man unconscious during a car robbing is very violent and not in a cartoony way. Its also unnecessary. With his vast resources I am sure he could have legally procured transportation.

Tazmanian Devil owns a store that sells tuxedos. It must have been interesting when he went to get a business loan.

Its prom night and Babs is looking fine Buster better watch out, you can't hide a boner if you don’t wear pants. He is so love struck that Babs decides to pin the corsage on herself. That’s a good policy. I wouldn't let a high schooler near my boobs with something pointy. Its a recipe for disaster.

They go to the prom and its just not realistic, not because they are all animals who can talk, but because they just walk into the prom. Its gotten to the point where proms have more security checks then an airport. They should all be lined up outside waiting to take a breathalyzer and get strip searched.

Shortly after entering the prom the girls all go to the shitter to paint their faces. Literally, with a giant paint brush. This is one of those puns that the kids probably won't get but the adults will think is stupid. Elmyra comes in and is wearing Furball as a fur-piece. Isn't he a student at the university? Acme University has a bit of a problem with its students being homeless. They should really do better outreach.

Elymya ends up sitting on a folding chair waiting for Montana Max to show up unaware that he made like Roman Polanski and fled the country.

Hampton says the word party which draws Dizzy Devil to the prom. He appears if you say the word party. It makes birthday celebrations awkward to discuss. Of course nobody wants retarded people at the prom (or lesbians if you live in the south) Buster tries to get rid of him by saying you aren't allowed to the prom without a date, however this plan is foiled because Dizzy is dating an attractive woman who I am pretty sure is an adult. So this obvious adult is allowed to prom. Yet I wasn't able to take Nancy to her prom just because I'm so much older then she is and people thought it was creepy. Pointing out that we had been dating for six years did nothing to make them think it was less creepy. I was like “Come on, I paid for her to come to this country” but that only hurt my cause.

Like many awkward girls Elmyra is spending her prom night crying in the corner because her date has stood her up in order to go south of the boarder. Bugs and Babs think this is wrong, although to be fair Montana Max only agreed to go with her under torture. They decide to travel to Rio De Janeiro to retrieve Montana Max. The kidnapping goes down without any problems. Its not like the local authorities are going to get involved, a rich American being kidnapped in Brazil happens so often that it gets less attention then a stolen bicycle.

Upon his return Montana Max is forced to dance with Elmyra but her overenthusiastic dance moves cause him pain and makes him lose his pants. We as viewers should be sympathetic to Montana Max but he is rich so fuck him.

After being put throw a table Montana Max unloads on Elmyra, using a graph to insult her evolutionary status and saying he does not like her. Elmyra is devastated and goes to pieces, literally.

Montana Max sets his sights on Dizzy Devil's date, probably because she is the only human at the dance with cleavage. Mitsy, the date, is unimpressed with Montana’s attempts to steal her away from Dizzy Devil. Montana Max has money however Mitsy, unexpectedly for a person named Mitsty, is deep and cares for more then personal wealth. She insults Montana Max and his head explodes and he is transported to a barren wasteland, literally. Elmrya's reaction to rejection is a more sensible metaphor.

Heartbreak has had a humanizing effect on Montana Max who know feels empathy for his crying date. He apologizes for comparing Elmyra's ancestor to that of a toaster oven's and Elmyra accepts. Montana Max, like all men who have apologized to a girl other, immediately regrets the decision.

With true one sided love finally saved Babs and Buster can finally have their prom dance. Buster uses the moves he learned from the videos and the reaction is that of shocked horror. Not even Babs Bunny, who normally revels in attention grabbing nonsense is embarrassed by Buster's antics. The way people are reacting you would think that in his exaggerated jig Buster had stepped on a babie's head. Bugs Bunny, who has been at the dance as a chaperone, steps in to save Buster. He claims that Buster has created a brand new dance crave and they begin dancing together. Because of Bgs Bunny's high acclaim in Acme Acres the everybody else quickly accept the new dance and join in.

As the episode closes Buster asks Bugs how he can ever thank him for saving him from humiliation. Bugs Bunny tells Buster that next time he needs a dance to steal one from Daffy Duck. From this statement I assume that Bugs was never concerned about Buster looking like a fool, but rather that the dance he invented would not be understood by this crowd of young people and this would somehow reflect poorly on him. He at not time cared about Buster Bunny's humiliation. He never prom-ised her anything.

Final Thoughgts

A very good episode. The Bugs Bunny/Babs Bunny relationship is further developed, making you wonder just how long will it be before they agree to become more then “just friends.” It also marks the beginning of the Hampton/Fifi coupling, which never set the world on fire or anything but proved to be a solid addition with amusing moments. The story is solid and motivation is something any teen can relate to. Many fear prom or other social occasions because they fear that they will embarrass themselves in some way. The message is that unlike Buster, you should try to find a more subtle solution.

The episode isn't all flowers and sunshine lollipops. I do have some negatives to bring up. The Elmyra and Montana Max attraction is pretty much a one shot deal. It was never brought up before and won't be referred to again. You could argue Elmyra is pretty out of character the entire episode, just for the sake of getting Montana Max to his humanizing moment at the end. The fact this plot gets so much screen time makes the out of character moments so much more glaring.

A few other issues: Some obvious time padding in the middle, and a gratuitous use of old Looney Tune characters. I like Looney Tunes as much as the next guy, but this is Tiny Toons. Lets let the new generation shine. Taz was just there to make the episode longer, and while Bugs was important to the plot, I can't feel that it couldn't have worked out just as well without him. The using one of Bugs Bunny's old dance routines was kind of dumb and overall so unimportant that it could easily have been dropped and Buster's delay to asking out Babs could have been related to other reasons, such as temptation from another woman or just fear of rejection.

Final Grade A-

Despite my criticisms this is a great episode. One of the best really. This is Tiny Toons at its best and I only wish this much effort was put into every episode.

Does it go there?

You bet it does.